Households across Bolsover District will start to receive green bin collections again from w/c 11 May 2020.

The green bin collections were suspended at the end of March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was to allow us to prioritise more resource on emptying black bins and mitigate the increasing risk of coronavirus impact on staff and residents.

However, with staff levels returning to near normal we have decided to re-instate green bin collections. Householders are asked to:

  • Check when their collection dates are using their calendars or the ‘When is my bin collection’ tool
  • Note that no side waste will be collected.
  • Place any excess green waste into your green bin after it has been emptied.
  • Not put plastic bags in your green bin.

Council Leader, Councillor Steve Fritchley said, “Our priority was to make sure black bins continued to be emptied during the current situation and we managed to achieve this. We now feel that we have adequate staffing levels to bring back the green bin collections and although it may take us a few collections to get back to normal, your continued patience during this difficult period would be appreciated.

“It would also be really helpful if people can let their neighbours, families and friends know that the green bin collections are starting again. And I would also ask that you continue to show your support for our crews – I know they are very grateful for all the thank you notes you have left on the bins over the last month.”

Residents can place items such as leaves, hedge and plant clippings, twigs, branches and prunings, grass mowings, weeds and cut flowers. They can also place cooked and raw food waste (peeling, bones, fish, bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, etc) and pet bedding (i.e. rabbit hutch) into their green bins as part of the Councils efforts to improve recycling and composting across the area.

The green waste is taken to a composting facility where it is then turned into valuable resource instead of sending it to landfill. Materials can be used for recycling or composting, with the rest of the waste being used to generate heat and power instead of it just going into the ground.

Residents should check the waste and recycling calendars that where distributed before Christmas for their exact collection dates.

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