Our Private Sector Housing Team deals with all housing which is not owned by the Council.  This includes privately rented accommodation, housing association properties and owner occupied properties (including those being bought through a mortgage).

Disabled Facilities Grant

What is a Disabled Facilities Grant?

If you or a person living with you is disabled, you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to adapt your property to enable the disabled person to live as independently as possible.

Who can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant? 

Owner- occupiers, landlords and a wide range of tenants can apply for a DFG. You can apply if you are the disabled person, the landlord of a disabled person, or someone living with a disabled person.

Private sector tenants require consent from their landlord prior to any works being carried out.

However, if you are a tenant of Bolsover District Council then any adaptations will be delivered by the Housing Department.

Do I qualify for a grant?

The disabled person will need to have an assessment by occupational health at Derbyshire County Council, who will advise us what works are considered necessary and appropriate for your or their needs.  If you think you need an adaptation in your home contact Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 and press option 2 to arrange an assessment of your needs.

If Derbyshire County Council decide that adaptations are required, they will then forward recommendations to us and we will make sure that the works are reasonable and practical for your home.

What adaptations can be carried out?

Typical work may include-

  • Providing adequate wash facilities e.g. replacing a bath with a level access shower
  • Adapting heating and lighting controls, e.g. by placing them at wheelchair height
  • Facilitating access into the home or within it to the bathroom or bedroom, e.g. by a stair lift

How is the grant calculated?

Applicants must be financially means tested to assess whether you are required to make a contribution towards the works. Any contribution depends on your household income and household savings over £6,000. Disabled children under 18 can get a grant without their parents’ income being taken into account.

The maximum grant payable is £30,000.

There are conditions to the grant which means that the amount of grant may be reclaimed if the property changes hands within the 10 year condition period.  Any repayment will be limited to amounts that exceed £5000, but will not exceed a repayment of £10,000



How do I apply?

If you think you need an adaptation in your home contact Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 and press option 2 to arrange an assessment of your needs.  If an adaptation is determined as necessary, your case will be referred to the District Council and we will contact you to progress your application.

If you wish to discuss this in more detail, please contact the Technical Support Team in Environmental Health on 01246 217873.


Housing in Multiple Occupation

The Public Register of Licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) shows if a landlord has been issued with a HMO Licence for his or her property and the expiry date of the HMO Licence.

New HMO Licence applications will not appear on the HMO Public Register until they have been processed and issued. Landlords of properties issued with HMO Licences must display a copy of their HMO Licence in a prominent position within the licensed premises.

Contact us - If you have any queries in relation to an HMO property which has been licensed, or which you feel should be licensed, please contact the Housing and Pollution Team on 01246 217873 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are alerting local landlords who manage houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) to important forthcoming HMO property licensing changes.

All Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) with 5 or more occupiers living as 2 or more households, must have a HMO Licence from their local authority. Where a HMO is occupied by less than 5 people, it will not require a licence.

The Government have introduced this change to widen out the scope from the previous HMO licensing regime, which only applied to HMO properties of three storeys or above. 

When assessing a licence application, the Council will consider the suitability and condition of the building for the number of proposed occupiers, as well as the suitability of the proposed licence holder.  Applicants will need to demonstrate that fire safety arrangements are in place and adequate, and that the building has sufficient space and amenities.  A list of required documents (such as current gas safety certificate and electrical installation condition report) will also need to be supplied for the application to be a valid one.

Landlords of relevant HMO properties must ensure that they submit an application for an HMO licence to the Council.  Applications can be made by contacting the Joint Environmental Health Service for an application form. Guidance on making an application is also available on the Council’s website. There is an initial application fee of £496 with a further fee when the licence is granted of £111 making a total HMO licence fee of £607 (we are under a legal obligation to split the fee). The HMO licence will last for up to 5 years.

There are significant financial penalties for landlords should applications not be made and if they continue to operate the HMO after 1st October 2018. If landlords do not have a licence, or breach HMO licence conditions, they are committing a criminal offence.

Landlords of properties who are already licensed under the previous HMO licensing scheme do not need to re-apply until their current HMO licence is close to expiry.

For further information please contact Joint Environmental Health Service on 01246 217873.


Landlord Accreditation Scheme (DASH)

Membership of the scheme is £99 for owners of under 20 properties,  however, Bolsover District residents are able to join FREE of charge and membership will last 3 years. The Scheme is voluntary and open to any residential landlord in the East Midlands region.

Being a DASH accredited landlord will set you apart from the rest. The scheme will provide public recognition that you are a reputable landlord who not only maintains property standards, but who also treats tenants fairly and manages their properties well.

Once you are a member to the scheme you will be able to use the DASH logo in adverts and on letterheads to promote yourself giving you an edge above the rest. Also, as an accredited landlord you will have access to training and best practice guidance and be able to take full advantage of the the DASH guidance materials and events to enable them to understand fully property management and how to deal with tenancies in an ever changing environment.

Amongst the benefits  as a DASH accredited landlord, you will have access to a range of specially discounted services which have been negotiated for you by DASH. For more information on this check out the FAQ page on the DASH website.

If you wish to become a DASH Accredited Landlord for free, fill in the online form or contact Fiona England on 01332 641111 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Beauty Industry - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that face treatments in beauty salons, spas and mobile/home-based beauty businesses in England will not resume tomorrow (August 1) as previously suggested, due to rising coronavirus R rate. The PM said the Government has decided to put the brakes on the proposed easing of restrictions, which were due to take place tomorrow, with all additional close-contact beauty treatments postponed until at least Saturday, 15 August. Read more.

Electric Charge Points - If you would like to request an electric vehicle charge point in your street or local area or have a query about them, please email our regeneration team.


Business Grants Funds: programme closure

Small Business Grant Fund/Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Grants Fund/Discretionary Grant Fund

  • Grants totalling £12,907,000 have been made to 1,194 businesses premises in our district.
  • These grants have been vital to our local economy – helping ensure the survival of shops, cafes, restaurants and many other businesses.
  • We are in the final stages of this programme. The vast majority of eligible businesses have now claimed grants.
  • If you think that you are eligible, but have not yet been in touch with us about this, please do so as soon as possible. Please contact us on Revenues@bolsover.gov.uk
  • Given the schemes’ success, in that over 98% of eligible businesses in our district have received grants, we will be closing the Small Business Grant Fund, the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Grants Fund and the Discretionary Grants Fund by Friday 14 August 2020. Allowing for any final payments to be paid by the scheme deadline of Friday 28 August 2020.


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