We designated the PDF icon Newton Conservation Area (871kb) as an area of special architectural and historic interest the character and appearance of which it is desirable to both preserve and enhance on the 9th January 2002. A minor amendment to the boundary of the Newton Conservation Area was made in March 2010 as part of the review of the conservation area that we carried out.

It is considered that the special architectural and historic interest of the Newton Conservation Area is due to the settlement representing a local example of a turn of the 20th century agricultural settlement where the historical core of the village has remained largely untouched by later development. The rural character is enhanced by a number of impressive buildings and their relationship with their surroundings.

We have prepared a Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (1.25MB) for the area.

The document defines the special character and appearance of the area by assessing the built form, landscape and townscape value and provides guidance on the implementation of certain saved policies in the Bolsover District Local Plan and formulates management proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the Newton Conservation Area.

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