We have some equipment for sale and are inviting sealed bids to purchase it.

The model is a CVK Entry Level 1 HAV Dosemeter Measurement System [CVK1511]. This Hand-Arm Vibration measurement system allows real time accurate HAV measurements to be taken from equipment being used to conduct a standard work process. The measurement sensor is fitted into a specially adapted glove so each grip position or handle can be measured quickly and efficiently.Equioment for auction

The CVK Hand-Arm vibration measurement system can detect tool degradation along with personalised operator user technique and can be worn over extended periods of time and can easily be utilised to gather operator HAV exposure over complete shifts.

The CVK1511 also has the added benefit of being supplied with block mounts to enable the accelerometer to be ridgidly fixed to the equipment handle’s should you wish to take standard measurements with the system.

The CVK1511 Entry Level HAV Measurement System comprises of HAV Active Accelerometer & Data capture unit, 2 x specially adapted gloves, Vibview Light Software which allows you to download & view your vibration measurements, download / charger cable, mains charging adaptor, rugged carry case, Quickstart Guide

This product was purchased in 2012 but has not been used for last 6 years.

If you are interested in this item, then please send a sealed bid to Sandy Williams, Bolsover District Council, The Arc, High Street, Clowne, Derbyshire S43 4JY by 12noon on Monday 25 October 2019.


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