Normally we receive request for CCTV directly from the Police or insurance companies but if you would like to request some CCTV footage that captures yourself you can do this by submitting a CCTV request to the Council for consideration. Please note that footage is only kept for a prescribed time period typically between 14 to 30 days depending on the scheme and other individuals will be pixelated out of the footage to protect their identity. You may wish to contact us before submitting your request to discuss your requirements and to check the retention period for the scheme in question.
You must put your request in writing:  


You will need to provide the following information:
•    Your contact details including name and address)
•    A description of the data you require including the date and time range for the footage to enable us to search for the image2 forms of ID (passport/driving licence/utility bill) to identify who you are. One of these needs to contain a photograph for image recognition purposes.

We ask for this information as we need to be sure that you are who you say you are before releasing any personal data to you.  Once we are in receipt of a verified request we will send you an acknowledgement including the timescales for a reply.


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