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Our senior management structure (165kb) consists of a Joint CEO, two Joint Executive Directors and a number of Joint Assistant Directors as part of our Strategic Alliance with North East Derbyshire District Council, that each include a number of departments. These departments all work to the Corporate Plan 2015- 2019 (4.56MB) which sets out targets so our performance can be judged.

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive Officer is Dan Swaine. He is the joint Chief Executive Officer of Bolsover District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council and he is the most senior officer of the Council and the Head of Paid Services. By sharing our Chief Executive, the two councils share the salary costs, enabling us both to save money. He is the principal adviser to the Council and is responsible for its smooth running and co-ordination. It is a management and leadership role with statutory and non-statutory responsibilities and below is the information relating to this role: Dan Swaine

  • Salary and Organisational Information 
  • Job Description 
  • Person Specification 

(please note that the above information is currently being updated)

The Chief Executive has directly responsibilty for the Chief Executive and Partnership Team and also the Growth Directorate.


 Chief Executive and Partnership Team

Pam Brown is in charge of the Chief Executives and Partnership Team (9kb), who undertake the following services. 

  • Provision of professional advice to all parties in the decision making process (the executive, overview and scrutiny, Council and other committees)
  • Together with the Monitoring Officer, responsibility for a system of record keeping for all local authority’s decisions (executive or otherwise)
  • Policy Implementation
  • Monitor Members Expenses
  • Chief Executive's and Partnership Manager Secretariat
  • Leader/Deputy Leader Secretariat
  • Consult on, produce and continually review the Community Strategy
  • Undertake an annual self assessment of the Local Strategic Partnership
  • Support the meetings of the Local Strategic Partnership Board, Executive Support Group and Forum
  • Provide Programme Management function for relevant funding streams awarded to the area
  • Communications and information service on behalf of the Local Strategic Partnership


Growth Directorate

The Joint CEO has direct responsibility for the Growth Directorate.

The following departments are within this directorate:

Economic Growth

Allison Westray-Chapman is the Joint Assistant Director of Growth. The Economic Growth (9kb) department deals with a whole host of issues including:



Heading up this department is Sarah Sternberg, Joint Assistant Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer. This section is responsible for a whole host of services covering governance, elections and legal aspects of the Council.

The Legal Department (10kb) provide a variety of legal advice and support services to the Council, including:

  • Civil and Criminal Litigation, anti social behaviour issues, conveyancing, contracts for works, the final parts of the right to buy process
  • Land Charges functions
  • The Monitoring Officer (Solicitor to the Council) has responsibilities in respect of the legal and ethical framework for district and parish councillors.


The Governance and Elections (13kb) team are responsible for:

  • Committee administration for all Council, committees, working parties, member panels and hearings
  • Administration of Public Rights of Way Orders and other Orders; placing of public advertisements, street naming and numbering
  • Typing service to elected members and member training and development
  • Corporate support - for example mail handling (incoming/outgoing)
  • Administration of all elections on behalf of the Chief Executive (Returning Officer)
  • Compilation of the Register of Electors and ancillary lists on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer (Electoral Registration Officer)
  • A Scrutiny function which provides support and guidance to elected members and assists them with their service reviews.



James Arnold is the Joint Assistant Director of Planning (17kb) and Environmental Health (Commercial (78kb) and Residential (49kb)) which is split into three areas: 

Planning Policy 

  • Producing new policy documents under the Local Development Scheme.
  • General planning policy work, including regional and sub-regional planning, surveys, monitory of development and statistical analysis.
  • Transport planning, environmental issues and projects, environmental improvement schemes, the reclamation of derelict land, the survey and identification of sites of wildlife interest and planning advice to the Local Strategic Partnership.

Development Control

  • Processing of planning applications and appeals, along with a wide variety of other types of planning control, including the control of advertisements, tree preservation orders, hazardous substances control, hedgerow control, high hedge control, etc.
  • Dealing with breaches of the planning legislation, taking enforcement action to ensure compliance, and uses regulatory powers to improve the environment.


  • The protection and enhancement of architectural and historic environment, including 27 conservation areas and over 380 listed buildings
  • Dealing with applications for alterations to historic and listed buildings, and enforcement of the legislation
  • Provision of a small fund for historic buildings repairs

Environmental Services (Commercial)

  • the inspection of food premises and investigation of food complaints and food processes to ensure hygiene standards are being met
  • communicable disease control and the investigation of incidents of food poisoning
  • the inspection of workplaces to ensure adequate Health and Safety standards including investigating reported accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences in workplaces
  • the investigation of complaints relating to Statutory Nuisance e.g. noise, odour, dust, etc
  • responding to pollution incidents and the ongoing monitoring of pollutants
  • the application of animal welfare controls through licensing
  • Responsibility for liquor licensing and gambling administration, taxi and private hire licensing administration as well as some other Council licensing functions
  • the provision of a dog control service including the collection of stray dogs and responding to incidents of dog fouling
  • the abatement of nuisance through the investigation and removal of all unwanted tipping and the abandonment of articles/vehicles on public land

Environmental Services (Residential)

  • Area regeneration activities
  • Enquiries for grant aid; processing of applications and payment of grant in respect of house renovations, conversions and adaptations
  • Matters relating to illegal traveller encampments
  • Investigation of all complaints relating to unsatisfactory housing conditions and the instigation of appropriate remedial action
  • Processing of default works in respect of housing and other matters
  • Investigation of all drainage complaints whether from public or private systems including cesspools/ septic tanks and instigation of appropriate remedies.


Shared Building Control

BCN Consultancy is a joint venture between Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Councils to form a cohesive building control partnership. We provide a flexible, robust, modern building control service that is both accountable and transparent. We recognised that this is one of our greatest assets and so we have specifically formed the consultancy in such a way that we can continue to provide a service that you can rely and depend on.

Property & Eastates

Grant Galloway is the Joint Assistant Director of Property and Estates  and deals with a range of buildings, land and council assets. 

Operations Directorate

Bryan Mason is an Executive Director for Bolsover District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council and is responsible for the Operations Directorate and below is the information relating to this role:

  • Salary and Organisational Information 
  • Job Description 
  • Person Specification 

(please note that the above information is currently being updated due a recent restructure in the Council)

The Operations Directorate has the following departments within it: 


Estates & Property

Grant Galloway is the Joint Assistant Director of the Estates and Property (19kb) team who are responsible for:

  • Provide a consultancy service for the design, contract management and supervision of the Council’s capital programme.
  • Maintenance of the Council’s public buildings, leisure centres, car parks, bus shelters, roadside seats
  • Provides a service in relation to dangerous structures, clearance of blocked drains, street naming and numbering.
  • General information and advice on engineering matters, building related matters, energy and Agenda 21 initiatives.
  • Regulatory building control service and an advice service to developers.
  • Providing workspace.

Finance Services

Dawn Clarke is the Joint Assistant Director of Finance (11kb) and Revenue (15kb) & Benefits (20kb). The department is responsible for the following functions:


  • The preparation, monitoring and control of capital and revenue budgets
  • Formulation and monitoring of strategy, arranging and managing borrowings and investments
  • Arranging appropriate insurance cover for the Council and process and monitor claims
  • The payment of duly certified accounts
  • The processing of grants to voluntary organisations, TV Licences and concessionary travel scheme.

Revenues and Benefits

  • Council Tax administration, billing and collection
  • National Non-Domestic Rates (Business Rates) administration, billing and collection 
    Mortgage accounting and collection
  • Sundry Debtor administration, billing and collection
  • Housing and Council Tax Benefit assessment and payment
  • Benefit investigation.

Internal Audit Consortium

The Internal Audit Consortium, which is a joint unit, provides an Internal Audit service to three Council's, Bolsover District Council, Chesterfield Borough Council and North East Derbyshire District Council.

The team delivers a continuous internal audit reporting to the Audit Committee and liaising with the Director of Resources. The Consortium carries out an examination of accounting, financial and other operations of the Council including:

  • The appraisal and review of the adequacy of internal controls
  • The completeness, reliability and integrity of information, both financial and operational
  • Ensure compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations, i.e. rules established by the management of the organisation, or externally
  • The safeguarding of assets
  • The economy, efficiency and effectiveness with which resources are employed.



(structures for Housing Needs (32kb), Housing Enforcement (14kb) and Housing Repairs and Maintenance (37kb))

Peter Campbell is the Joint Assistant Director of Community Safety and Head of Housing (BDC only) and is responsible for providing a customer driven good quality housing service. This includes:

  • Ensuring allocation of housing is made within the points weighting system
  • Assessing the condition of and to maintain the current housing stock in good order
  • Carrying out day-to-day repairs
  • Caring for elderly and disabled people through the Council's Warden Service
  • Promoting partnership working between Local Authorities to address cross district housing issues that affect vulnerable groups
  • Providing aid, advice and assistance in relation to housing functions to customers
  • Providing a homeless service for people in conjunction with other statutory and voluntary housing agencies and the private sector
  • Providing and managing good quality Council housing at an affordable and realistic rent
  • Assessing, describe and quantify known housing needs and supply within the area.

Our Community Safety (11kb) team are responsible for tackling issues such as anti social behaviour, dealing with abandoned vehicles, fly tipping and crime prevention

 Shared Procurement Unit

The Shared Procurement Unit is joint service across five Council's, Bolsover District Council, Ashfield District Council, Bassetlaw District Council, Chesterfield Borough Council and North East Derbyshire District Council. The unit is tasked with achieving smarter procurement of goods and services across the five Councils.



(structures for Refuse and Recycling Services (22kb), Streetscene (28kb) and Fleet & Transport (8kb))

Steve Brunt is the Joint Assistant Director of Streetscene and is responsible for delivering a diverse range of functions including waste management, recycling, street cleaning, refuse collections and grounds maintenance.

Transformation Directorate

Paul Hackett is an Executive Director for Bolsover District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council and is responsible for the Transformation Directorate and below is the information relating to this role:

  • Salary and Organisational Information
  • Job Description 
  • Person Specification 

(please note that the above information is currently being updated due a recent restructure in the Council)

The Transformation Directorate has the following departments within it: 

Customer Service & Improvement

Jane Foley is the Joint Assistant Director of Customer Service & Improvement (12kb) (which incorporates our Contact Centres (22kb).

The department is responsible for:

Human Resources and Payroll

Stephanie Barker is the Joint Assistant Director of Human Resources and Payroll (10kb), who are responsible for the delivery of an extensive centralised employment service covering the following activities:

  • Human Resource planning
  • Organisational development
  • Employment records and statistics
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Contracts of employment
  • Performance management and appraisals
  • Remuneration and pay systems
  • Equal opportunities
  • Training, education and development
  • Discipline
  • Employee relations
  • Safety, health and welfare
  • Redundancy
  • The payment of all salaries, wages and other emoluments to all employees of the Council
  • The payment of member's allowances and expenses in accordance with the Council’s approved scheme
  • Maintain Investors in People accreditation;



This is a joint service that provides an ICT service to three Council's, Bolsover District Council, Derbyshire Dales District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council.
The ICT team (250kb) is responsible for developing and managing effective ICT systems and communications strategies to cater for the on-going operations of the Council and to deliver the statutory and corporate e-government objectives. They also look after the Councils networks, in particular providing technical support services helping the user solve specific problems with a product.


Lee Hickin is the Joint Assistant Director of Leisure, which delivers a wide and varied number of activities. (structures for Leisure Management (10kb), Sports Development (17kb), Outdoor Recreation (16kb), Creswell Leisure Centre (17kb), Clowne Sports Centre & Frederick Gent (14kb) and Wellness Team (10kb)

The Sport and Active Recreation section deals with the provision of our sports and leisure facilites, community sports coaching programmes, sports development and the provision of recreational open spaces, countryside amenity areas and childrens' play facilities.

The Culture and Heritage section helps to develop and promote the community arts programmes, arts development and the various events and festivals.

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