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The arc, the Council's main offices

Customer Service

We have four Contact Centres situated throughout the District where you can get an answer to your query either by speaking to an advisor over the telephone, face-to-face, via email or by writing into us. The Contact Centres are open from 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday and are located at:

  • Bolsover Contact Centre, Cotton Street, Bolsover S44 6HR
  • Clowne Contact Centre, The Arc, High Street, Clowne S43 4JY
  • Shirebrook Contact Centre, 2A Main Street, Shirebrook NG20 8AW
  • South Normanton contact Centre, The Hub, Shiners Way, South Normanton DE55 2AA

The Contact Centres are your first point of contact with us and we have produced a leaflet (1.43MB) that highlights the wide range of services you can access from Council Tax to CAN Rangers and TV Licence Applications to Taxi Licences.

Within our main offices at Clowne, we also provide free on-line access for our residents and customers to help them report a housing repair, pay a bill, report a problem, apply for a job or access anumber of other servcies provided by our partners.

How many enquiries do we get?

We are constantly striving to improve our service performance and we collate figures that detail the volumes of face to face and telephone enquiries that we have received at the Contact Centres for the period:

They all have private interviewing facilities which are equipped with an induction loop for people with hearing difficulties. We also subscribe to Language is everything and if English is not your first language, by using this service we can contact an interpreter to help you within a matter of minutes.

During October 2014 we took part in National Customer Service Week and captured comments and feedback (102kb) from customers on our services.

We also have the results back from the 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey (524kb) for the Contact Centres and have also produced a You Said - We Did (114kb) poster. 

Customer Service Excellence

We were awarded the Government's Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Standard in April 2011. We then retained this in April 2013 and again in April 2014. 

We became one of only a few nationally to achieve this standard at a corporate level, which was launched by the Government as part of its drive to improve customer service in the public sector. A surveillance visit by an independent assessor (145kb) took place over two days and they concluded that ‘the authority is very customer focused and front line staff are their best advocates for this'...and 'overall performance is positive across nearly all of the sub-criterion and there are few areas of partial compliance'.

Customer Service Excellence (formerly Charter Mark) is a practical tool for driving customer focused change. The Customer Service Excellence standard is designed to operate on three distinct levels:

  • As a driver of continuous improvement - by allowing organisations to self assess their capability, using the online self assessment tool.
  • As a skills development tool – by allowing individuals and teams to explore and acquire new skills in the area of customer focus, customer engagement, thus building capacity for delivering improved services.
  • As an independent validation of achievement – by allowing organisations to seek formal accreditation, demonstrate their competence, identify areas for improvement and celebrate success.

We were inspected against fifty-seven different criteria and received compliance plus against 1, were fully compliant against 49 and partially compliant against 7.

Customer Service Standards

We have adopted Customer Service Standards on how we deal with customers by telephone, letter, face-to-face, email and other forms of communication. Our leaflet (1.7MB) explains our promise to customers together with a summary of our main standards.

Each year we set targets for our key customer service standards. This enables us to measure how we are performing against these important service standards. We also take part in Mystery Shopping and quality monitoring exercises to test our customer service and contact methods; the latest results can be viewed below:


In order to help you access the services we provide and help you understand the standards that you can expect from these services we have produced a set of 8 Customer Information Booklets which are available from our Contact Centres and Leisure Centres. Each booklet has a number of inserts. You can view these by clicking on the appropriate links below.

Number Title Inserts included
1 Business & Licensing
(Booklet updated August 2015)

Business Rates (49kb)
Business Services (31kb)
Economic Development and Investment (38kb)
Food Safety (38kb)
Health and Safety (36kb)
Licensing (34kb)
Markets (32kb)
Town Centre Regeneration (31kb)
TV Licences (37kb)

2 Community Living
(Booklet updated August 2015)

Anti-Social Behaviour(37kb)
CCTV Cameras(26kb)
Civil Emergencies(31kb)
Community Rangers (31kb)
Community Right to Bid (31kb)
Community Outreach Service(31kb)
Disability, Race and Gender Equality(30kb)
Disabled Facilities Grants (37kb)
Gold Card (38kb)

3 Environment & Waste
(Booklet updated August 2015)

Air Quality (33kb)
Bulky Waste (39kb)
Contaminated Land (40kb)
Dog Fouling & Stray Dogs (35kb)
Drains (38kb)
Green Waste (35kb)
Litter and Flytipping (38kb)
Noise Control (38kb)
Pest Control (31kb)
Recycling & Composting Schemes (40kb)
Refuse Collections (40kb)

4 Housing & Council Tax
(Booklet updated August 2015)


Applying for a Council House (40kb)
Buying your Council Property (31kb)
Council Tax (51kb)
Homelessness (36kb)
Housing and Council Tax Benefits (62kb)
How to Make a Payment (41kb)
Improvements and Adaptations (35kb)
Private Sector Housing (42kb)
Rents (18kb)
Repairs and Maintenance (37kb)
Services for Older and Vulnerable People (32kb)
Tenancy Management and Participation (29kb))


Leisure & Culture
(Booklet updated August 2015)

Arts and Entertainment (26kb)
Healthy Living Activities (15kb)
Leisure Facilities (18kb)
Parks and Open Spaces (29kb)
Tourism (33kb)

6 Planning and Conservation
(Booklet updated April 2013)
Biodiversity (37kb)
Building Control (50kb)
Compliance with Planning Controls (40kb)
Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings (30kb)
Forward Planning (37kb)
Land Charges (28kb)
Planning Applications (29kb)
Trees, Hedgerows and High Hedges (39kb)

Street Scene
(Booklet updated August 2015)

Abandoned Vehicles (35kb)
Car Parking (38kb)
Dog Fouling and Stray Dogs (35kb)
Drains (38kb)
Ground Maintenance(41kb)
Street Cleaning (34kb)
Street Furniture (36kb)
8 Your Council
(Booklet updated August 2015)
Applying for a Job at the Council (29kb)
Consultation (50kb)
Contact Centre (34kb)
Councillors (51kb)
Data Protection(46kb)
Data Tranparency (46kb)
Doing Business with the Council(34kb)
Freedom of Information (44kb)
Parish and Town Councils(42kb)
Partnerships (49kb)
Stategic Alliance(34kb)
The Council(55kb)

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