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The majority of decisions affecting the Council and our services are made by Councillors at committees and meetings in accordance with the Council’s Constitution.

The Council operates a streamlined and effective decision making system with a Leader, an Executive and Scrutiny Committees.  There are also other committees such as Planning, Licensing and Standards, which deal with regulatory matters.  Standards Committee also deals with the ethical framework and Members conduct.



Agendas & Minutes

The Council publishes agendas and reports five clear working days before a meeting takes place and publishes the minutes of meetings in a Minute Book that goes to Council. Members of the public are entitled to see these documents unless they contain exempt or confidential information. All of the agendas and minutes can be found on our Eagenda system.

Meetings of the Council are open to the public and usually take place in the chamber suites at The Arc, Clowne. Occasionally there are items included on an agenda which are exempt and for those items the public will be asked to leave the meeting.

Members of the public may ask two questions of Councillors at any ordinary meeting of the Council but must put their question(s) in writing to the Chief Executive Officer no later than midday, five clear working days before the day of the meeting. Further detail on asking questions can be found in the Council’s Constitution (186kb). The exception to this is Planning Committee were applicants, their agents, supporters and objectors, consultees, representatives of town and parish councils and ward Councillors can ask to speak at a Planning Committee meeting on an application that is being considered. There are detailed procedures (65kb) for the way public speaking operates at Planning Committees.

There are occasions when reports may not be available five clear working days before the date of a meeting because they may relate to ‘urgent items’ of business which cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting of a Committee for a decision.


Decision Notice of the Executive

Please find below the decision notice of the executive published on 20 February 2017

Decision Notice

Delegated Decisions

Listed below are those decisions taken by officers and members under delegated powers given either at one of our formal meetings or via our Constitution.





Key Decisions and Items to be considered in private

The latest list of Key Decisions (147kb) (published on 24 March 2017) and items to be heard in private and items to be considered in private session contains all the key decisions the Executive expects to make. Key Decisions are decisions taken by Executive that have a cost or savings implication to the Council of £50,000 or more, or are significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards in the District.

General exception notice kitchen tender contracts 

The law and the Council’s Constitution provide for urgent key decisions and private items to be made and a notice will be published for these.

Some executive decisions are delegated to senior officers of the Council. The matters that may be delegated are included in the Officer Delegation Scheme (418kb). Notice of these decisions are available for public inspection; however, this excludes items that are exempt under Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.

Definition of a key decision

A key decision, as defined in Article 13 of our Constitution is a decision by the Executive, which is likely to:

  • Result in the Council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are, significant having regard to the Council’s budget for the service or function to which the decision relates;
  • Be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in two or more electoral wards in the Councils area.

The Authority has decided that the level of expenditure/savings, which is significant for the purpose of defining a Key Decision, is £50,000. We will also treat as a key decision a decision, which has a significant impact on communities in one ward. A decision taker may only make a key decision in accordance with the Executive Procedure Rules.

List of Committees

We have a number of committees and working groups that provide councillors with the opportunity to discuss, debate and make decisions affecting the District in accordance with the Constitution. A Meeting Schedule (212kb) thta lists when committees and groups take place is published every May covering the Civic Year.

The following is a lsit of the main committees that we hold:

Audit Committee Council Executive Improvement
Licensing Committee
Planning Committee Safe and Inclusive Scrutiny Committee Scrutiny Management Board Scrutiny Committee Standards Committee 
Strategic Alliance Joint Committee
Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Committee
Union/Employee Consultative Committee



Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny plays an important part in how we make decisions and deliver services across Bolsover District. It acts as a 'watch dog' or 'critical friend' to the Executive (Council Cabinet and other decision makers), and asks the questions members of public would ask about our services, policies and decisions. It makes recommendations to our Executive to bring about these improvements.

Our Scrutiny work is carried out by four themed Scrutiny Committees. The links below will take you to the agendas and minutes of the Scrutiny Committee meetings.

Scrutiny Reviews – 2013 - 2015

Past Scrutiny Reviews

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