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Budgets & Finance

We provide many local services – from cleaning streets and regenerating the District to providing leisure activities and maintaining parks and open spaces - and the money we receive from your Council Tax and government grants helps us to provide these services.

We have produced an Efficiency Plan (152kb) that is based upon our established corporate policy of continuing to deliver priority services to local residents whilst ensuring that the underlying level of expenditure remains in line with the underlying level of resources. 

We are committed to good financial management and the ongoing review and improvement of our financial processes and services. We have also introduced a Money Laundering policy (54kb) that applies to all our employees and aims to maintain high standards of conduct, by reducing the risk of criminal activity through money laundering.

As part of the requirements of the CIPFA Treasury Management Code of Practice we are required to produce a Treasury Management Strategy every year which requires approval by full Council prior to the commencement of each financial year.

Annual Accounts

All councils have to publish a Statement of Accounts covering specified matters. It shows how we have used public money, and that we have been honest and responsible. We try to make the accounts meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, but to see how well we deliver individual services you may also want to look at our Annual Reports. Our external auditors conduct a full and detailed examination of the draft accounts, which underpins their accounts audit letter.

As we are part of the Sheffield City Region and the Combined Authority, we are making available the annual accounts for inspection advert (121kb) and the published accounts for 2014/15  and 2015/16 for public inspection. 

The Statement of Accounts

The Statement of Accounts is an annual publication that sets out exactly what we spent. This publication is designed to fit in with the latest regulations and guidance on the production of accounts for local authorities. The Annual Governance Statement is summarised in the Statement of Accounts each year. This is presented to the Audit Committee each June.

Summary of Statement of Accounts

The Summary of Accounts provides brief summaries of the accounting statements included in the Statement of Accounts and in addition a review of our performance.

Annual Governance Statements

The Annual Governance Statement is summarised in the Statement of accounts each year. This is presented to the Audit Committee each June

Annual Audit Letter

These annual reports summarise the findings from the Audt Commissions audits. It includes messages arising from the audit of our financial statements and the results of the work they have undertaken to assess our arrangements to secure value for money in our use of resources.

Council Tax

Please see our main Council Tax page for more information.

Payments of £250+

As a public funded organisation we are committed to being as open and transparent as possible on how we spend tax-payers money.
We are now publishing online details showing items of spending over £250 each made to suppliers for good and services.

Payments to Suppliers

The report below lists payments showing items of expenditure over £250 (excluding VAT) made by us to suppliers and external bodies and includes supplier name, amount, date and spend-type details.
Spending data will be published on a monthly basis. For Data Protection reasons some personal data will be excluded from the information published. VAT will also be excluded.
The monthly reports list the individual payments to suppliers for the year to date with a value over £250. Please note these are payments made in the period, and do not necessarily relate to invoices dated or received in the period. Each month the report will be updated with the payments made in the previous month. 

This information is provided in a format capable of re-use and also under the Open Government Licence to enable this information to be re-used. This is a free open licence for public sector bodies to license the use and re-use of their information and data easily. If you are intending to re-use this information please note the conditions of the licence.

Any questions or queries about our payments to suppliers will be dealt with as Freedom of Information requests where you must quote: Spend over £250, the payment date, supplier name, voucher number and amount. We will respond to your request within 20 working days.
We will be as transparent as we can in our response but in some cases exemptions from the supply of information may apply because of Freedom of Information Act. restrictions.

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