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Public Transport

Transport is a major issue for communities living in the 21st century. Without personal transport many people, such as those who reside in the many rural areas of Bolsover District, could become socially excluded from both workplace and essential local services. The District is served by many forms of public transport such as buses, trains and community transport providers.

Bus Information

Bolsover District has a number of operators running bus services within its boundaries. For more detailed information and timetables please use the Public Transport in Derbyshire website where you can search by bus number or location.

Gold Cards

A bus pass or Gold Card, allows people to travel free, off-peak, on local buses throughout the whole of England, gives them discounts at more than 1,300 shops and other local businesses and allows them to borrow at all Derbyshire and Derby city libraries.

Applying for a Gold Card

If you are turning 60 please be aware that there are changes to when you can apply for a Gold Card.

Before 6 April 2010 you automatically qualified for a Gold Card on your 60th birthday. But if you are born on or after 6 April 1950 you will have to wait longer to get your card. The changes affect anyone born on or after 6 April 1950 to 5 April 1955.

These changes are being brought in across the country - not just in Derbyshire. They are to do with bringing age-related benefits, like free bus travel, in line with the state pension age of 65 for both men and women.

If you were 60 before 6 April 2010 but still do not have a Gold Card then you can apply for one straight away. If you qualify for Gold Card because of disability, regardless of your age you can apply immediately.

Anyone born on or after 6 April 1955 will get their Gold Card on their 65th birthday. Check the online calculator to find out when you become eligible for a Gold Card.

Bus travel
Free bus travel applies to trips on local buses anywhere in England at off-peak times. Off-peak is after 9.30am and up to 11.00pm weekdays and at anytime weekends and bank holidays. However, free bus travel does not apply to long-distance express services (such as National Express services), special tours and excursions, nor does it apply in Wales and Scotland.

Before 9.30am weekdays all Gold cardholders will have to pay full fare on the bus. Free bus travel also applies to community transport dial-a-bus services within Derbyshire and Derby City, but this is only available to Derbyshire Residents (Gold Cardholders).

Library and Discount Card
Gold Card holders can also use their card to borrow at any library in Derbyshire. To use it as a library card, cardholders will need to activate their membership. They can do this by handing their card to library staff who will register it as a library card. Gold Card also gives discounts at around 1,300 shops and other local businesses.


Further information on how to apply is available on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Train Information

You can get information on train timetables, fares and disruption through the National Rail website.

We also have four stations (Whitwell, Creswell, Whaley Thorns and Shirebrook) within the District which serve the Robin Hood Line 

You can also download the free Derbyshire Train Times booklet which contains the timetables of all the train services in Derbyshire, both local services and long-distance trains.

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