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There are a variety of areas where people can park in Bolsover District including car parks (free of charge) all of which have a proportionate number of disabled bays, on-street parking and residents parking. Parking Enforcement is the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council.

For special, large scale events temporary parkign may also be created.

Car Parks

We have a total of 37 car parks across the District and they are all free of charge. We feel that by not charging it encourages people to use our town and village centres to do their shopping and undertake their business, which in turn helps the local economy. There are no time restrictions on any of our car parks, but vehicles must park within the marked bays.

We inspect our car parks four times per year, usually in March, June, September and December, to look for any wear and tear, or to see if any maintainance is required. Below is a list of the car parks we maintain and the number of spaces in each car park are shown in brackets.

  • CPBL01 ... Pasture Lane, Hilcote (8)
  • CPBR01 ... Castle Street, Bolsover (32)
  • CPBR02 ... Cotton Street, Bolsover (27)
  • CPBR03 ... Davey Court, Bolsover (10)
  • CPBR04 ... Houfton Road, Bolsover (18)
  • CPBR05 ... Houfton Road / Cundy Road, Bolsover (8)
  • CPBR06 ... Houfton Road / Iron Cliff Road, Bolsover (8)
  • CPBR07 ... Houldsworth Crescent / Houfton Road, Bolsover (6)
  • CPBR08 ... Peveril Road, Bolsover (16)
  • CPBR09 ... Middle Street, Bolsover (32)
  • CPBR10 ... Springfield Crescent, Bolsover (4)
  • CPBR11 ... Town End, Bolsover (133)
  • CPBR12 ... Houfton Road / Hyndley Road, Bolsover (3)
  • CPCE01 ... Church Street, Clowne (64)
  • CPCE04 ... North Road, Clowne (26)
  • CPCE05 ... Recreation Close, Clowne (21)
  • CPCL02 ... Rail Station, Station Road, Creswell (24)
  • CPPN01 ... Victoria Road, Pinxton (19)
  • CPSE01 ... Cross Street, Hillstown (16)
  • CPSE02 ... Langwith Road, Hillstown (7)
  • CPSE03 ... Nesbit Street, Hillstown (3)
  • CPSE04 ... Wells Street, Hillstown (7)
  • CPSK01 ... Ashbourne Street, Shirebrook (77)
  • CPSK02 ... Church Drive, Shirebrook (14)
  • CPSK03 ... Main Street, Shirebrook (59)
  • CPSK04 ... Patchwork Row, Shirebrook (20)
  • CPSK05 ... Portland Street, Shirebrook (59)
  • CPSK06 ... Rail Station, Border Road, Shirebrook (25)
  • CPSK07 ... Sookholme Road, Shirebrook (55)
  • CPSN01 ... Eastfield Drive, South Normanton (9)
  • CPSN02 ... Market Place, South Normanton (45)
  • CPSN03 ... Princess Avenue, South Normanton (8)
  • CPTF01 ... Brook Street, Tibshelf (26)
  • CPTF02 ... Alfreton Road, Tibshelf (21)
  • CPWL0 ... Rail Station, Loxley Lane, Whitwell (24)
  • CPWL0 ... Spring Street, Whitwell (30)

If you come across a problem at one of our car parks, whether this be a repair, litter, vandalism, graffiti or any other issue please telephone contact us immediately so we can inspect the problem and take the neccessary action as soon as possible.

Parking Enforcement

Derbyshire County Council is responsibility for enforcing parking restrictions on the streets of Bolsover District and traditional traffic wardens have been replaced by Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs).

This is known as Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) and ParkSmarter is the civil parking enforcement partnership that will enforce off-street and on-street car parking in Derbyshire.

Parking enforcement will:

  • improve safety for everyone using the roads and pavements
  • keep roads free from obstruction and keep the traffic moving
  • prevent abuse of blue badge spaces for disabled people
  • help make short stay spaces in town centre car parks more available for shoppers
  • make sure emergency services vehicles and buses can get to where they need to go.

The rules on parking haven't changed - only who will be issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). Teams of civil enforcement officers patrol the area and issue PCNs to motorists who don't stick to the parking rules.

If you are issued with a Penalty Charge Notice and pay within 14 days of the Notice being issued you will be charged £35 for a serious offence or £25 for a minor offence. These charges rise to £70 and £50 respectively after 14 days.


Permits & Blue Badges

Residential parking permits and the Blue Badge Scheme are administered by Derbyshire County Council.

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Parking contacts

 01629 538671

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