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Five Year Supply

We have published details of our 5 year housing supply each year since 2007. Whether the Council can demonstrate a 5 year supply of ‘deliverable’ housing is important as it affects how planning applications for new housing are determined.

The requirement for the calculation is based on an objectively assessed need of 240 new homes a year as set out in the Council’s 2014 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (for further information see Housing Market Overview or Bolsover District reports).

To be included in the five year supply the Government requires that sites are assessed to ensure that they are ’deliverable’. To be ‘deliverable’, sites should be available now, offer a suitable location now, and be achievable with a reasonable prospect that housing will be delivered on the site within 5 years, and in particular that development of the site is viable. There is also a Government requirement on Councils to add a 5% buffer to the housing requirement. Where Councils have ‘persistently’ under delivered on their housing requirement in the past, this buffer is raised to 20%.

2015-16 update

We have updated the assessment of our 5-year supply of deliverable housing sites to take account of completions and permissions at 31 March 2016 and the proposals contained within the emerging new Local Plan for Bolsover District. This update was reported to Planning Committee at its meeting on 12 October 2016.

Based on this update, we now have a 5 year supply of deliverable sites. Therefore, the saved planning policies within the adopted Bolsover District Local Plan (February 2000) related to the supply of housing can be given more weight in the determination of planning applications.

To read the 5-year housing supply assessment or to view the detailed schedule of residential sites with planning permission go to:


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