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Development Plan Monitoring


The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act requires the Council to undertake a number of monitoring duties. This webpage seeks to pull together the relevant information.

Monitoring Reports

The Council has prepared Monitoring Reports on a largely annual basis since such reports were required by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act.

These Monitoring Reports cover both the progress on the preparation of any new Local Plan and also the delivery of its current Development Plan.

  • Annual Monitoring 2014/15 – Report (2.59MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2013/14 – Report (1.62MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2012/13 – Report (1.99MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2011/12 – Report (1.4MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2010/11 – Report (1.7MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2009/10 – Report (844kb)
  • Annual Monitoring 2008/09 – Report (2MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2007/08 – Report (1.4MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2006/07 – Report (500kb)
  • Annual Monitoring 2005/06 – Report (403kb)
  • Annual Monitoring 2004/05 – Report (471kb)

Survey of Area (Evidence Base)

The formal Monitoring Reports outline the range of studies and reports undertaken to survey Bolsover District with the intention of informing the preparation of a new Local Plan. These studies and reports have been grouped along the following thematic areas:

Biodiversity and green infrastructure

Register of Local Wildlife Sites (December 2013) (368kb)

Green Space Quantity and Accessibility Report (December 2013) (553kb)

Green Space Strategy (April 2012) (590kb)

Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan (November 2011) (12.8MB)

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Strategic Plan 2010-15 (August 2010) (1.2MB)

Green Infrastructure Study for Bolsover (June 2008) (1.4MB)

Green Infrastructure for the East Midlands - A Public Benefit Mapping Project (2008) (31.7MB)

East Derbyshire Greenway Strategy (June 1998) 250kb)

Climate change

Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Study (May 2009) (1.1MB)

Community and wellbeing (including equalities and health)

Bolsover Sustainable Community Strategy 2006-2020 (2013) (2.4MB)

Economy and employment

Employment Land Availability Assessment (October 2016) (278kb)

Economic Development Needs Assessment (October 2015)
- report (3.3MB)
- review of employment sites plan 1 (4MB)
- review of employment sites plan 2 (3.3MB)
- review of employment sites plan 3 (3.2MB)
- review of employment sites plan 4 (3.1MB)
- review of employment sites plan 5 (2.5MB)

Employment Land Portfolio (October 2015) (4.2MB)

Bolsover Retail Capacity Assessment (March 2011)
report (2.7MB)
- appendix 1 (6MB)
- appendices 2 to 5 (3MB)

Historic environment

Historic Environment Listings in Bolsover District (October 2016) (680kb)

English Heritage Bolsover Castle Conservation Management Plan (2012)
- report part 1 (7.1MB)
report part 2 (4.7MB)
report part 3 (5.7MB)
report part 4 (7.8MB)
report part 5 (11MB)

Bolsover District Council Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans (various)

New Bolsover Model Village Planning Guidelines SPG (October 2008) (1.7MB)

Historic Environment SPD (March 2006) (4MB)


Derby, Derbyshire, Peak District National Park Authority and East Staffordshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (June 2015)
- report (7.4MB)
- Position Statement (29KB)

Schedule of Committed and Submitted Residential and Employment Sites (March 2015) (2.4MB)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Study (December 2013)
- Report (547kb)
- Barlborough Site Summaries (514kb)
- Belph Site Summaries (263kb)
- Blackwell Site Summaries (500kb)
- Bolsover Site Summaries (2.5MB)
- Clowne Site Summaries (2.1MB)
- Creswell Site Summaries (471kb)
- Glapwell Site Summaries (415kb)
- Hilcote Site Summaries (857kb)
- Hodthorpe Site Summaries (267kb)
- Langwith Site Summaries (344kb)
- New Houghton Site Summaries (1.3MB)
- Newton Site Summaries (300kb)
- Pinxton Site Summaries (515kb)
- Shirebrook Site Summaries (785kb)
- Shuttlewood Site Summaries (457kb)
- South Normanton Site Summaries (831kb)
- Stanfree Site Summaries (364kb)
- Tibshelf Site Summaries (586kb)
- Westhouses Site Summaries (321kb)
- Whaley Thorns Site Summaries (226kb)
- Whitwell Site Summaries (577kb)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (November 2013)
- Housing Market Overview report (2.2MB)
- Bolsover District report (2MB)

Affordable Housing Needs and Viability Study (October 2012)
- SHMA and Economic Viability Study Review report (1.4MB)
- Economic Viability Study report (1.7MB)
- Economic Viability Study appendices (1.2MB)

A Study of Younger People’s Housing Needs in the Northern Housing Market Area Covers Bolsover, Bassetlaw, Chesterfield & NEDDC (June 2008) (594kb)

Housing Needs Study of Older Persons covering Bolsover, Bassetlaw, Chesterfield, and NEDDC (April 2008) (380kb)

Housing Needs Study of BME Communities in the North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw Housing Market Area (2008) (786kb)

Land and landscape

Agricultural Land Classification (August 2010) (18.7MB)
The Landscape Character of Derbyshire (2003)

Material Assets

Derbyshire County and Derbyshire City Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (July 2006) (963kb)

Population and Community

Settlement Hierarchy Study (April 2015) (724KB)

Transport and Air Quality

Bolsover Town Transport Study (October 2016)

Clowne Transport Study (October 2016)
- report (3MB)
- appendices A, B and C (2.1MB)
- appendix D (6.4MB)

Interim Transport Evidence Information Note (April 2015) (2.8MB)

M1 Junction 29A Operational Capacity Assessment Report (July 2012)
- report (301kb)
- appendix 1 (285kb)
- appendix 2 (1.4MB)
- appendix 3 (1.8MB)

North Derbyshire Highway Assignment Model Traffic Forecasting Report (April 2012)
- report (1.5MB)
- appendix (2.1MB)

North Derbyshire Transport Study Part 2b - Traffic Impacts Cumulative (February 2012)
- report (2MB)
- appendix (1.4MB)

Derbyshire County Council Local Transport Plan 3 2001-2026 (April 2011) 2.2MB)

Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy 2011-2026 (April 2011)

North Derbyshire Transport Study Part 2a - Traffic Impacts Bolsover District (May 2010)
- report (1.4MB)
- appendix (2MB)

North Derbyshire Transport Study Part 1 - Strategic Transport Issues Report (March 2010)
- explanatory note (70kb)
- report (2MB)
- appendix (902kb)

Network Rail East Midlands Route Utilisation Strategy (February 2010) (7.3MB)


Outline Water Cycle Study (October 2010) (3.2MB)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (March 2009)
- report (1.6MB)
- appendix (11.4MB)

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