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Telephone 01246 242424

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Bolsover Contact Centre, Cotton Street, Bolsover S44 6HA
Clowne Contact Centre, The Arc, High Street, Clowne S43 4JY (main headquarters)


Shirebrook Contact Centre, 2A Main Street, Shirebrook NG20 8AW
South Normanton Contact Centre, The Hub, Shiners Way, South Normanton DE55 2AA

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2017 County Election Results

Seats won (6 available)

6 seats (Labour)

Breakdown of results: County Elections 2017 (04 May 2017)

Barlborough and Clowne (1 seats)

Anne Western
(Elected) 1492 votes 
David Carl Dixon
951 votes
Ben Marshall
Liberal Democrats
130 votes

Electorate: 9307

Ballot papers issued: 2581

Total rejected papers: 8

Turnout: 27.73%

Bolsover North (1 seats)

Duncan McGegor
(Elected) 1416 votes 
Neil David Yewman
717 votes
Elaine Evans
Trade Unionist and Socialists Against Cuts
163 votes
Jayne Pheonix
Liberal Democrats
160 votes

Electorate: 10033

Ballot papers issued: 2467

Total rejected papers: 11

Turnout: 24.58%

Bolsover South (1 seats)

Joan Elizabeth Dixon
(Elected) 1335 votes 
Sophie Dack
848 votes
Jon Dale
Trade Unionist and Socialists Against Cuts
202 votes
Steven Raison
Liberal Democrats
153 votes

Electorate: 9853

Ballot papers issued: 2545

Total rejected papers: 7

Turnout: 25.82%

Shirebrook and Pleasley (1 seats)

Christine Dale
(Elected) 1222 votes 
David Anthony Taylor
515 votes
Katharine Ann Burrow
430 votes
Mark Steven Nolan
UK Independence party
213 votes
Ross Shipman
Liberal Democrats
147 votes

Electorate: 9350

Ballot papers issued: 2536

Total rejected papers: 9

Turnout: 27.12%

South Normanton and Pinxton (1 seats)

Jim Coyle
(Elected) 1135 votes 
David Tillyer
802 votes
Jacqui Calladine
UK Independence party
342 votes
Martin Cheung
Liberal Democrats
196 votes

Electorate: 10153

Ballot papers issued: 2484

Total rejected papers: 9

Turnout: 24.46%

Tibshelf (1 seats)

Clive Richard Moesby
(Elected) 1506 votes 
Samuel Jacon Boam
872 votes
Ray Calladine
UK Independence party
337 votes
David Alister Roulston
Liberal Democrats
177 votes

Electorate: 10426

Ballot papers issued: 2899

Total rejected papers: 7

Turnout: 27.8%

The Whitwell Conservation Area (610kb) was designated on 14th January 1971 and the boundary has been extended three times, in 1979, 1987 and most recently in 2008.

It is considered that the special architectural and historic interest is derived from both the agricultural and industrial phases of growth in Whitwell and the survival of buildings and undeveloped pieces of land from these two periods.

We adopted the Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (2.61MB) in March 2008 which defines the special character and appearance of the area and contains management proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the conservation area.

The document defines the special character and appearance of the area by assessing the built form, landscape and townscape value. It also provides guidance on the implementation of certain saved policies in the Bolsover District Local Plan and formulates management proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the Whitwell Conservation Area.

Whitwell Article 4 Direction An Article 4 Direction for the Whitwell Conservation Area has been in place since July 1987. Following revisions to the national planning regulations, the Council made a new Article 4 Direction on the 19th August 2009 to continue and extend the controls over development in the conservation area.

The new Direction was approved by the Secretary of State on 11th February 2010 and came into force on 2nd April 2010.

We have prepared an Article 4 Direction leaflet (74kb) and Article 4 Direction and Plan of affected properties (2.69MB) to explain this to residents.

Elections & Voting contacts

  • Tel: 01246 242422
  • Email: 
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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