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Community news

  •  7th August 2018
    Airport masterplan consultation results revealed Open or Close

    Following the launch of its draft Masterplan and subsequent public consultation, Doncaster Sheffield Airport today (7th August 2018) revealed early results of the consultation which show overwhelming public support for the development plans and desire to see an East Coast Mainline station at the airport site delivered.

    Over 90% of respondents expressed strong support for the objectives set out in the Masterplan including rail connectivity, with the airport receiving over 1,600 responses to the open consultation. Other standout highlights were 97% support for expansion to terminal building services to maintain the high standard of customer service and 96% support for proposals to deliver new employment developments to create up to 13,000 new jobs at the airport.

    The Masterplan details the future development of the current site of the Airport and the projected growth extending out over the next 20 years, forecasting 4.7 million passengers and 70,000 tonnes per year. The Masterplan when fully realised will deliver £3.7bn to the local economy by 2037 including £900m construction investment and £159m to the region’s tourism economy.

    At the launch of the Masterplan, the airport also published its Vision Plan to realise the airport and its site full potential as the major international gateway for the East side of the UK. With the delivery of an East Coast Mainline connected station at the site as envisaged in the Vision Plan, the passenger number growth would be more than doubled to 11.8 million by 2050, with a station becoming operational as early as 2024 – just 6 years’ time.

    The consultation took place over an ten-week period between March and May, with over 1,600 responses received from the public, stakeholders and private and public sector organisation taking part. A total of 11 public consultation events were held, including exhibitions at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Sheffield Hallam University and several venues around South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire. The airport also visited a number of local schools speaking to over 1,500 school children on the Masterplan and potential careers in aviation.

    The feedback received during the public consultation will ultimately inform the final Airport masterplan that will be released at the end of 2018. The full interim consultation summary report can be viewed here: www.flydsa.co.uk/masterplan

    Details of the Masterplan 2018 - 2037
    • Airport passenger numbers increases to 4.7 million per year by 2037
    • Cargo operation increase to 70,000 tonnes per year by 2037
    • Terminal size to double with increased facilities for passengers
    • Up to 3000 new homes to be built on site with new retail, hotel and leisure complex
    • 5.5 million sq ft of employment space
    • £238 million boost to tourism economy for the region
    • £3.7 billion GVA by 2037

  •  3rd August 2018
    New campaign to support Derbyshire to become ‘self-care aware’ Open or Close

    The four clinical commissioning groups in Derbyshire have launched a campaign to support more people in Derbyshire to manage common minor illnesses by becoming more self-care aware.

    A guide has been produced as part of the campaign to provide information on self-care and suggests where people can go to get additional support should they need it to help make self-care a part of everyday life. The guide will soon be available in GP practices, pharmacies and other public places across Derbyshire.

    With tens of millions of GP consultations across the UK used to discuss conditions that could be treated at home, costing circa £2 billion*, self-care has an important role to play in ensuring the sustainability of our national health service as well as the ongoing health of our population.

    Dr Avi Bhatia, GP and Chair of Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group, speaking on behalf of the four CCGs, said: “We’re very excited to be launching the self-care campaign to support more people in Derby and Derbyshire to manage their everyday health. With so much time and NHS money used on conditions that could easily be treated with self-care we are committed to doing all we can in Derbyshire to support patients to improve their understanding of medicines and how to look after themselves. Empowering people through self-care also helps to ensure the sustainability of our NHS by relieving pressure on GP practices, Minor Injury Units and A&E departments. We are also working with health and care staff across Derbyshire to help raise awareness of self-care so they can help more people to manage their own health when faced with a minor illness such as a cough, cold, headache, heartburn, indigestion, dry skin or a blocked nose.”

    Dr Andrew Mott, GP and member of the Governing Body for Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, added: “The guide we have produced to help raise awareness of self-care explains the possible benefits of self-caring, highlights some great resources to support self-care, explains the things pharmacists can give advice on and suggest treatment for and offers guidance on the kinds of medicines and first aid items we can all keep in our medicine cabinet to help us, our families and our friends when we are feeling under the weather. The guide will soon be available in GP practices, pharmacies and other public places across Derbyshire and will also be available online at www.nhsstaywellderbyshire.co.uk.”

    To find out more about self-care in Derbyshire and to download the guide to being self-care aware visit thier website.

  •  29th June 2018
    Countdown begins for Bolsover Food and Drink festival Open or Close

    The historic town of Bolsover is set to become a food lovers’ paradise as the annual Bolsover Food and Drink Festival returns on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July.

    The countdown to this popular culinary event has begun as thousands of people flock to the annual event where a whole host of delicacies are available to taste and buy.

    The Bolsover Food and Drink Festival is now in its 5th glorious year and the town’s streets will be lined with over 60 stalls serving up all kinds of street food from gourmet pork pies to sweet cakes and locally brewed ale to ice-cream.

    Entry to the event is free and with free car parking as well, Andrew Tristram, Old Bolsover Town Clerk says the event is a massive plus for the town.

    He says, "The amount of visitors who come to the town during the weekend can only be good for Bolsover and certainly puts us on the map. We are expecting more stalls and a wider range of produce to be available so it looks like being our biggest and best ever.

    “The range of food and drink is brilliant, from all over the world as well as local produce. There is hot food, cold food, food to take away, paellas, vegetarian and vegan food, meat grills, curry, hog roasts, cheese, spices, chutney, ham, jam, bread, sausages, pies, cakes galore, fudge, chocolate, sweets, wine, beer, cider, cordials, spirits the list goes on."

    There will also be live entertainment including bands, cookery demonstrations, street entertainers and family activities to keep the crowds entertained.

    If anyone would like to book a stall, please telephone 01246 823809 or for more information about the event visit www.discoverbolsover.co.uk 

    The event is organised by Old Bolsover Town Council. And runs from 10am-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

  •  28th June 2018
    Fraudsters targeting online gamers Open or Close

    Action Fraud is warning parents and online gamers of the risk of fraud involving Steam Cards and Fortnite. Between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018, Action Fraud received 35 reports of Fortnite related fraud, with a total loss off £5,119 – an average of £146 per victim.

    In the same period, Action Fraud received 37 reports of Steam Card fraud, with a total loss of £44,455.98 – an average of £123.88 per victim.

    How is Fortnite fraud happening?
    Action Fraud has seen reports, made mainly by parents on behalf of their children, of fraudsters who are taking advantage of Fortnite gamers. In most reports, the gamer has seen an advert on a social media channel which claims that by following a web link and entering some information, they will receive free Vbucks (currency for the game). Fraudsters will ask the victim for information about their account which will then allow them to log in and create fraudulent charges.

    Fraudsters are targeting victims in many other ways. These include asking for people’s phone numbers in return for Vbucks to then sign the victim up to a premium rate subscription service, selling access to other people’s Fortnite accounts, and offering VBucks for free then actually charging for it.

    How is Steam Card fraud happening?
    Action Fraud has seen a spike in fraudsters requesting Steam Cards as a way to gain upfront fees from unsuspecting victims.

    Victims are being called by fraudsters, claiming to be from well-known organisations. The victims are instructed to purchase Steam Cards in order to pay for the processing of tax refunds or rebates, PPI refunds, administrative costs for processing loans and for providing anti-virus software.

    As with iTunes gift cards, the fraudster doesn’t require the physical Steam Card to redeem the value. Instead, the victim is asked to read out the serial code on the back over the phone.

    Director of Action Fraud, Pauline Smith, said: “It is vital that both parents and those playing games online are able to spot the signs of fraud, as fraudsters will go to great lengths to try to steal your money.
    "It is also important that parents make their children aware of the threat of fraud online.

    “If you are downloading or purchasing game add-ons, make sure you use the official website. You should never reveal your password or banking details to someone you don’t know, or be tempted to click on links to unknown.

    “If you think you have been a victim of fraud, contact Action Fraud.”

    Protect yourself from gaming fraud

    • HMRC, or any other government department, will never ask for payment in the form of Steam Cards, or any other gift card, such as iTunes.
    • Personal information – Always question requests for personal or financial information. The promise of 'free' vouchers or credits is a common tactic used by fraudsters to persuade people to give out sensitive, personal or financial details.
    • Listen to your instincts – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for personal or financial information.
    • Every Report Matters – If you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, report it to us online or by calling 0300 123 2040. 
    • Visit the channel website for more information
  •  15th June 2018
    Fly tipper caught red handed Open or Close

    Someone thought they could add their waste to an existing fly-tip at Millash Lane, Whitwell, and get away with it. Wrong! Evidence was found to link it to the offender and they received a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice. If you see fly-tipping, report it, don’t add to the problem.

  •  15th June 2018
    Free home check for Shirebrook and Langwith residents Open or Close

    Do you live in a privately rented home in Shirebrook or Langwith? if so, did you know you can get a free house check from a member of our team? The can help you sort out any problems or issues you may have and offer advice. See the flyer for details.

    free house check

  •  8th June 2018
    Inspiring reception for Whitwell Well Dressing Open or Close

    The well dressing team at Whitwell were invited to showcase their talents at the Royal Horticultural Society show in Chatsworth this year. The team, made up of members of the 1st Whitwell Scout and Guide Group, exhibited at the show.

    The theme they were given was ‘There’s no place like home’ and the team got to work straight away to produce a design that reflects the villages’ position on the borders of three counties. Artist Darren Ellis )left) and Designer Josef Dawes proudly showing off the Well Dressing

    The design for the frame was created by Scout leader Darren Ellis from an original piece of artwork by local craftsman, and former Scout, Josef Dawes. It incorporates symbolism from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

    Hilary Ellis, chair of Whitwell well dressing committee and Guide leader, said: “This is a great opportunity for Whitwell to showcase something we are very proud of to a very large audience. We hope to make an impression and encourage people to visit the village for the annual well dressing celebrations in July.”

    1st Whitwell Scouts and Guides have been organising Whitwell Well Dressing since 1972 and the designs have always proved popular locally. This is the first time the well dressing have displayed outside the village. The team have been given a budget to design and build a new frame as well as sourcing materials for creating the design.

    The team have been encouraging locals to donate certain materials they will need a lot of, including melon seeds which has resulted in a lot of villagers eating large quantities of the fruit! Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s cafe collected all the seeds from their melons to donate to the cause.

    In the end an estimated 20,000 melon seeds, 12,000 hydrangea petals, 2kg of coffee beans and 1,000 pumpkin seeds were individually placed; amounting to over 600 hours of work finishing after midnight on the final day of creation.
    The RHS Chatsworth show is open to the public from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 June.

    The well dressing has received an overwhelming response, volunteers have been unable to keep up with the questions and comments.

    Magic Magid, Lord Mayor of Sheffield spent time discussing the display with volunteers and later tweeted that it was “amazing work”.

    Sue Biggs, Director General of The RHS said “we just have to have well dressings at Chatsworth” She spent time discussing the display with volunteers.

    Chris Dolby, Scout District Commissioner said “I am very impressed with the work”

    Josef Dawes, artist whose design was the basis of the display “I was rather overwhelmed with the project. The time, patience and talent that has gone into it is amazing and I'm very humbled to have my base design as the influence. I am warm and humbled."

    Darren Ellis, Designer of the display “It's very surreal to say I have designed a piece displayed at The RHS Flower Show Chatsworth. Rather overwhelmed by it all.”

    Visitors have describing it as “best exhibit in the show”, “stunning” “the highlight of the show”, “beautiful”,

    Our volunteers have been interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield and BBC Radio Derby.

    The image of the display has reached over 10,000 people on Facebook and shared across twitter also. Social media comments include: “Wow! Once again you've done Whitwell proud!”, “we get a lot of them around here but Whitwell kind of sets the bench mark.”

    Whitwell Well dressing has been organised by 1st Whitwell Scouts and Guides since 1972 and a fundraising event. It has grown into a community event and many people are involved who otherwise have little connection to the Scout and Guide Group. It is a movement of which the residents of Whitwell can feel real pride in and this is a recognition of their achievement outside of their home village. Many young people are involved in the creation of the displays each year and this achievement will be an inspiration to the young people of Whitwell to pursue ambitions and their creativity.

    The annual Whitwell well dressing will be on display from Saturday 7 July. This year's displays will be commemorating the centenary of the end of World War 1 and the suffragette movement. Everyone is encouraged to take part or visit the making of our annual displays at Whitwell Scout and Guide headquarters every evening from Monday 2 July.

  •  7th June 2018
    National Food Safety Week - contaminated work area Open or Close

    Dirty cooker & contaminated, sauces at incorrect temperatures, not preventing growth of bacteria. The business was made to dispose of the sauces, thoroughly clean the cooker and equipment & start keeping temperature records. Please note the business featured is no longer running.

    hob and pans

  •  7th June 2018
    First World War then and now programme Open or Close

    Whitwell Parish Council has received £8,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a project “Whitwell & Hodthorpe World War One Commemoration”.

    Made possible by National Lottery players through HLF’s First World War then and now programme, the project will focus on remembrance and heritage with a calendar of events taking place from June to August 2018.

    To mark the Centenary of the end of World War One, the project will enable local people in the parishes of Whitwell and Hodthorpe & Belph to come together to preserve the memories and heritage of the people who lived through the First World War. Some of the events taking place throughout the commemoration period include a “dugout” supper, a performance of local stories, a service to remember local heroes and a service of peace and thanksgiving. In addition the money will enable the war memorial in the centre of the community to be cleaned and restored.

    Volunteers will collect photographs, newspaper clippings and other documents, as well as family tales passed down to help them build a clear picture of what life was really like and these will be available for everyone to view. Some of the artefacts will also be included in a time capsule to be installed in the Community Centre memorial garden.

    Lasting tributes, produced by local volunteers, include updating and renewing the rolls of honour, the production of a reprint of a collection of poems by local Great War poet John William Streets and the preparation of historical and commemorative banners.

    Commenting on the award, Councillor Tom Munro, Chair of the co-ordinating committee said: “We are thrilled to have received the support of the National Lottery and look forward to providing residents of both parishes with a lasting legacy that recognises the sacrifices of those who gave both their lives and their service for our country.”

    For more information on the programme of events please contact Whitwell Parish Council.

  •  6th June 2018
    £200 Fixed Penalty Notice issued to fly tipper in Shirebrook Open or Close

    Another fine example of our CAN Ranger team working in partnership with our Environmental Enforcement team today in Shirebrook. This fly tipping on the market place resulted in a £200 fixed penalty notice for the fly tipper.

    flytip bed

  •  6th June 2018
    National Food Safety Week - raw and cooked meat preparation examined Open or Close

    This chicken was being kept at the wrong temperature which meant that it was ideal for growing hazardous food poisoning bacteria such as campylobacter, Salmonella or Clostridium perfringens. These can result in severe diarrhoea and in some cases even death. The food business was made to dispose of this chicken and then keep proper temperature records.

    chicken temp

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