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The Council is carrying out a review of its polling districts and polling places as a consequence of the District Council’s electoral arrangements being reviewed by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

The Boundary Commission has made a number of changes to the electoral wards and their final recommendations can be view on the Commission’s website www.lgbce.org.uk

As part of the review, a consultation period will run from Friday 9 March 2018 until Friday 20 April 2018.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • seek to ensure that all electors should continue to have such reasonable and convenient facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances;
  • seek to ensure that so far as is reasonable and practicable, the polling places designated are accessible to all electors, including those who are disabled.

During this period the Council is inviting representations relating to existing polling districts and the suitability of the existing polling places or any proposed polling districts or polling places referred to in the preliminary ARO draft proposals.

Representations would be welcome from electors and elected representatives or parties, parish councils, and individuals or groups with expertise in access for persons with any type of disability. Any person making a representation should, if possible, give alternative places that may be used as polling places. The submission form below may be used for this purpose.

Submission form

A preliminary review of the effect of the boundary changes on existing polling districts and polling places has been undertaken by the ARO and a copy of the draft ARO proposals together associated maps showing the new ward boundaries and proposed polling districts and places will be published on the website shortly.

Existing Boundaries Maps

Proposed Boundaries Maps

Polling districts are the areas into which district electoral wards are sub divided and polling places are the locations of buildings in which polling stations are established. Polling districts can be created as an electoral requirement but also as a means to provide a more conveniently located polling station for the electorate.

Following the consultation period the review proposals will be considered at a full Council meeting the agenda for which will be published on the Council’s website and notice of the outcome of the review will be published within 14 days of the Council meeting.

The proposals will be incorporated in the new register of electors to be published on 1 December 2018.


Bolsover District residents who are already registered to vote willl automatically be sent poll cards to vote in the General Election.

You only need to register if you have moved house or have not previously registered to vote at the address where you live, and the quickest and easiest way to do this is online,  where you will need to provide details including your date of birth and National Insurance Number.

The deadline to register for the General Election on 8 June is midnight on 22 May.

The deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy applications, and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes is 5pm on Tuesday 23 May.

The deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxies) is 5pm om Wednesday 31 May.

The earliest date that electors can apply for a replacement for lost postal votes is Friday 2 June.

The last time for re-issue of spoilt or lost postal votes is 5pm on Thursday 8 June.

The deadline for emergency proxy applications is 5pm on Thursday 8 June.

If you require any further information, please ring the Electoral Services team on 01246 242435.

Each year every household in the Bolsover District will receive a Household Enquiry form, which is also known as the annual canvass.  The information we gather from this enables us to produce the new electoral register and ensures that everyone who should be entitled to vote can do so.

If you are not included on the electoral roll you will not be able to vote so it is important that you provide us with up to date information on the occupants of your address.  You can't vote until you reach the age of 18 but any 16 or 17 year olds in your household should be included on the form.  You should not include any children under the age of 16.

All of the major credit reference agencies use the electoral roll to verify your details when you apply for a mortgage, loan or other credit agreement.  If you are not on the electoral roll you are likely to have problems in obtaining any form of credit.

We will be sending Household Enquiry Forms at the beginning of August 2017 to every household in the district. When you receive your Household Enquiry Form, please check this carefully to ensure it is correct and advise us of any changes that need to be made. The form will include details of how you can do this. Please respond without delay as this will mean we need to send out fewer reminders and helps us to keep costs down. Reminder forms will be sent mid September 2017 to households where no response has been received.

The revised Register of Electors will be published on 1 December 2017.

The next elections to take place in Bolsover district  are the Derbyshire County Council Elections which will take place on Thursday 4 May 2017. In Bolsover area, there are 6 electoral divisions represented by six county councillors:

We have issued the Notice of Election (11kb). Any new postal, proxy or postal vote applications, and changes to existing postal or proxy votes must reach us by 5pm on Tuesday 18 April 2017.


Periodically, vacancies arise on Parish Councils. Vacancies arise when Councillors cease to be qualified or become disqualified, do not accept their office after they have been elected, do not attend meetings, resign or pass away.

When a vacancy arises, you will see a Notice of Vacancy in the Parish and published at www.Bolsover.gov.uk advertising the vacancy.

Some Parishes are warded, which means that they are split into areas that are represented by specific Councillors. Sometimes, therefore, the Notice of Vacancy will specify the Parish ward that the vacancy is in.

When a vacancy arises, electors from within the Parish or relevant Parish ward, where the Parish is warded, may call for an election by writing to the Returning Officer at Bolsover District Council. The Notice of Vacancy will list the Parish (and Parish ward, if relevant) and the date by which electors must contact the Returning Officer to request an election.

Where an election isn’t called, the Parish Council may choose someone to fill the vacancy without an election (co-option).”


Clowne Parish By-Election

Scarcliffe Parish By-Election

South Normanton West Ward

South Normanton Central


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