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 We have carried out a series of Housing Needs Surveys in partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council, Bassetlaw District Council and North East Derbyshire District Council.

This research was undertaken to build on the current information held by the Authorities and to identify specific housing needs and aspirations of people within these particular groups.  The information collected is used to develop appropriate housing strategies and ensure that the needs of people with chaotic lifestyles are accounted for during strategic planning.

Click on the links below to see the Housing Needs surveys.

Housing Needs Study of Older People

Housing Needs Study for the Black and Minority Ethnic

Housing Needs Study of Young People

Housing Needs Study of those with Chaotic Lifestyles - Complex Needs

What is the Housing Market Area?

In 2005, a report for the East Midlands Regional Assembly and the Regional Housing Board identified Bolsover, North East Derbyshire, Chesterfield and Bassetlaw as a Housing Market Area (ND&B HMA).

It was recognised that these four authorities face many similar issues and are joined by the common factor that their housing markets are all influenced by the major urban areas of Sheffield and Rotherham, located across the regional border.

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

The North Derbyshire and Bassetlaw SHMA has been prepared by GL Hearn Limited and it considers future housing need in the HMA over the period to 2031.  

It considers how many homes and what type are needed, both market and affordable, as well as what housing is required to meet the needs of specific groups within the population including older people and those with disabilities.

The Bolsover report is attached in PDF format. 

SHMA Bolsover report. 



Housing and Economic Development Strategy 2015 - 2020

The council has previously had separate strategies for Economic Development and Housing but has decided to deliver a joint Strategy in recognition of the council's key priority to deliver growth in the district as part of its recently launched Growth Strategy.  

The Strategy and Executive Summary can be found at the top of this page to download.  

The joint strategy recognises that new jobs, new businesses and new housing are essential elements in creating an economically vibrant place where all people want to live and work.

The proposed 8 objectives outlined in the strategy have been identified to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing the district over the next 5 years. 

The eight objectives are:

1. Supporting enterprise: maintaining and growing the business base

2. Maximise employment, skills and training opportunities

3. Enable housing growth

4. Unlock development potential: unlocking the capacity of major employment sites

5. Enable town centre development

6. Develop the rural economy

7. Enable people to live in and sustain their own homes

8. Prevent and reduce homelessness

You can veiw the Strategy here and Strategy Summary here.

If you would like to discuss the Strategy in more detail, please contact the Housing Strategy or Economic Development Team. 

The Disabled People’s Housing Needs Study examines the housing needs of people with physical disabilities in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. It was undertaken by Ecorys and ConsultCIH on behalf of fifteen local authorities. The aims of the study are:  

  • To better understand how to meet the housing needs of people with physical disabilities.
  • To better understand the means by which appropriate housing for disabled people can be delivered.
  • To obtain a good evidence base for the development of housing for disabled people. 

The focus of the research is on the physical structure and facilities rather than support and care issues. 

Key Findings for Bolsover district

  • There are significant and increasing numbers of disabled people with housing needs in Bolsover, including older people, working age residents and families with children.
  • There is substantial excess demand for appropriate accommodation compared to year on year supply.

  • The information about existing suitable housing stock in all tenures is inadequate and ways to improve information, including from the private sector, should be explored.
  • The over 65 population will increase in the short, medium and long term and the over 85 population will increase in the long term, significantly increasing the need for housing for disabled people.
  • An estimated 2.7% of Bolsover’s social housing stock is of wheelchair standard. However, the understanding of 'wheelchair standard' is not clear.  Anecdotally, there a less than five housing association properties which are to full standard suitable for people who use their wheelchairs indoors, as well as out of door. There are currently around 99 households with wheelchair requirements whose needs are not met, a figure increasing to 114 by 2033.
  • A significant number of disabled people will be looking to social housing to meet their needs, although there are still many who may be able to afford to buy a suitable property.
  • There are very limited to no facilities in supported accommodation (non-elderly) for wheelchair users, and normally communal areas are not fully accessible.

For more information see the attached report.  


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