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The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act requires the Council to undertake a number of monitoring duties. This webpage seeks to pull together the relevant information.

Monitoring Reports

The Council has prepared Monitoring Reports on a largely annual basis since such reports were required by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act.

These Monitoring Reports cover both the progress on the preparation of any new Local Plan and also the delivery of its current Development Plan.

  • Annual Monitoring 2016/17 - Report (2.12mb)
  • Annual Monitoring 2015/16 - Report (4.15MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2014/15 – Report (2.59MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2013/14 – Report (1.62MB)
  • Annual Monitoring 2012/13 - Report
  • Annual Monitoring 2011/12 - Report
  • Annual Monitoring 2010/11 - Report
  • Annual Monitoring 2009/10 - Report
  • Annual Monitoring 2008/09 - Report
  • Annual Monitoring 2007/08 - Report
  • Annual Monitoring 2006/07 - Report
  • Annual Monitoring 2005/06 - Report


Survey of Area (Evidence Base)

The formal Monitoring Reports outline the range of studies and reports undertaken to survey Bolsover District with the intention of informing the preparation of a new Local Plan. These studies and reports have been grouped along the following thematic areas:


Biodiversity and green infrastructure


Climate change

Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Study Review Paper (December 2017) (158KB)


Community and wellbeing (including equalities and health)



Economy and employment

Retail and Centres Study (April 2018)

Retail Land Availability Assessment (March 2018)

Employment Land Availability Assessment (March 2018)


  Economic Development Needs Assessment (October 2015)

 Bolsover Economic Alignment Study (August 2018) (3.6MB)

Historic environment

 English Heritage Bolsover Castle Conservation Management Plan (2012)



 Strategic Housing Market Assessment

 Housing Land Availability Assessment (October 2017)

 Derby, Derbyshire, Peak District National Park Authority and East Staffordshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (June 2015)

Gypsy and Traveller Land Availability Assessment (March 2018)

Travelling Showpeople Land Availability Assessment (March 2018)


Land and landscape

Development Envelope Review (February 2018) (27.6MB) 

Partial Green Belt Review – Supplementary Assessment (November 2017)

Partial Green Belt Review (August 2017)

Important Open Breaks (August 2017) (4.6MB) 


Material Assets


Population and Community


Transport and Air Quality

Bolsover Town Transport Study

Clowne Transport Study (October 2016)

 M1 Junction 29A Operational Capacity Assessment 

North Derbyshire Highway Assignment Model Traffic Forecasting Report (April 2012)

North Derbyshire Transport Study Part 2b - Traffic Impacts Cumulative (February 2012)

North Derbyshire Transport Study Part 2a - Traffic Impacts Bolsover District (May 2010)

North Derbyshire Transport Study Part 1 - Strategic Transport Issues Report (March 2010)

Network Rail East Midlands Route Utilisation Strategy (February 2010) (7.3MB)



Whole Plan Viability Assessment (March 2018) (2.4mb)


 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (March 2009)

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