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Below Inflation Rate Council Tax Increase for Bolsover DC

We have set a below-inflation rise, equivalent to 4 pence a week for a Band A property, to our portion of the Council tax bill.

Councillors took the difficult decision to increase our portion of the Council Tax bill by 1.95% in 2016/17 – the first rise since April 2010.

The increase was necessary to cover the further reductions in government grant, following the Local Government Finance Settlement in December 2015.

For next year, Central Government has cut our Revenue Support Grant by £0.645m and has withdrawn its financial incentives to those Councils which do not increase Council Tax.

There are further cuts in Revenue Support Grant of £0.550m from April 2017and £0.350m from April 2018. As part of its Localism Agenda the Government has made it clear that more costs will need to be picked up locally by authorities.

While we have taken action both to reduce our expenditure and to increase locally generated revenue, it is facing financial shortfalls of nearly £100,000 next year, rising to an identified shortfall of £1.4m in two years time.

Council Leader, Councillor Ann Syrett said, “The decision to raise Council Tax has been a difficult one which has required us to balance the impact upon households who are struggling financially, against the need to continue to provide good quality services to our local communities.”

It means residents living in a Band A property will now pay £107.49 for 2016/17 – an annual rise of £2.06 – towards the cost of district council services, while people in a Band D property will pay £161.23 a year, an annual rise of £3.08.

Councillor Syrett continued, “We have managed our finances well over the past few years but the continuous reduction in our funding meant we had to take account of both the need to balance our budget and provide a range of services including supporting job and wealth creation, improving our towns and villages, collecting waste, keeping our streets clean, providing leisure, planning, housing and supporting vulnerable residents.”

The Council Tax bill is made up of the following precepts:

  • Derbyshire County Council – 68 %
  • Derbyshire County Council : Adult Social Care – 1%
  • Parish Councils – 7 %
  • Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner – 10 %
  • Derbyshire Fire and Rescue – 4 %
  • Bolsover District Council – 10 %

Date issued: 7 March 2016

Devolution Deal Update

At its meeting on Wednesday 2 March 2016 Councillors considered a report on Devolution proposals for the Sheffield City Region and North Midlands. They discussed the options available and opted to be a constituent member of the proposed North Midlands Combined Authority and a non constituent member of the Sheffield City Region (SCR) Combined Authority.
The devolution deal will see controls over a fund estimated to be around £30million per year over 30 years handed over to the region in exchange for accepting a Mayor to be elected in May 2017. The funding is based upon a number of themes including skills, apprenticeships, employment, housing and planning, transport, business support, trade and investment. 
This mayor would not impact in any way on our existing powers but would have oversight of the new powers devolved from the Government and would campaign on behalf of the area for greater devolution in the future.
The funding is likely to be 100% revenue which could lever in excess of 10 billion over 30 years. The funding is subject to a five year gateway assessment by a government appointed panel. This money can be spent on projects outside the North Midlands Combined Authority proposed area but any spend must benefit it.

The Deal will also mean we will work with other authorities who have signed up (either as a constituent or non-constituent member) to take control of more services from the Government in exchange for the funding. 
Council Leader Councillor Ann Syrett said, “We had a very interesting and lengthy debate before we finally came to a decision. 
“It was a difficult decision to make but by joining the North Midlands we firmly believe it puts us in the strongest possible position to cope with the challenges we will face over the coming months and years.
“There is still much to be decided and the deal is just the start of a long journey and our discussions with the Government will continue in order to secure further devolved powers for a range of priority issues for the people who live and work in Bolsover District and the wider North Midlands Region.”
Staying as a non constituent member of the Sheffield City Region will enable us to continue our joint working. We have already, and continue to, work well with neighbouring authorities to bring about many benefits to the area including Growth Hub Funding packages, supporting the roll out of the Derbyshire Broadband initiative and securing additional employment land with Enterprise Zone status for Markham Vale. 
Although the legislation enables local councils to make a choice on membership status, the final decision on the establishment of a Combined Authority and the Devolution Deal is made by the Secretary of State, who will consider if this improves the exercise of statutory functions across the proposed North Midlands Combined Authority area and the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority area.
Date issued: 2 March 2016

School Pupils Row For RioZac Purchase Cllr Mary Dooley Craig Barnes local school girl pic

Thousands of school children joined Olympic Gold medal rower Zac Purchase at Bolsover Castle recently to launch a ‘Row to Rio’ challenge.

Over 10,000 children from 44 schools across the area are aiming to row the distance from Bolsover to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in just 88 days.

The schools will receive 4 rowing machines for 2 days each and will be aiming to jointly cover the 5,830 miles.

A fun chart will be displayed where the children can track how far they have travelled in the form of a boat/Rio logo which shows the start and finish destination and how the school has contributed towards the end goal.

The challenge is a partnership between ourselves and Bolsover School Sport Partnership that aims to run alongside the popular Five 60 programme and tackle inactivity and childhood obesity in schools.

Cabinet Member for Leisure, Councillor Mary Dooley said, “Tackling inactivity and childhood obesity is a national issue but by giving children challenges such as this to do it adds a fun element and is something they want to do rather than having to do it.

“We were delighted that Zac could come and help us launch the challenge and all the kids were in awe of him and his medals. I mean who knows he may have inspired them so much that we have a future Olympic champion sat right here today.”Group on steps pic

School Sport Partnership’s Development Manager, John Barker said, “The Olympics provide a wonderful opportunity for us to engage and inspire young people in our district to get active in sport.

“This initiative launches links between School Sport Partnership and the Rio Olympic Games. We will use the values of the Olympics to create physical and learning opportunities.

“It is great that such a renowned Olympian such as Zac can help us in our efforts.” Thanks also goes to Physical Activity Development Co-ordinator, Craig Barnes, who set up this challenge on behalf of Bolsover District Council and School Sport Partnership.”

Olympic Gold medal rower, Zac Purchase said “It’s fantastic to get 44 schools involved in this challenge to promote a healthier lifestyle and what better way of doing it than rowing all the way to the Olympics Games in Rio!”

Each school will record their distance and the school with the farthest recorded distance will receive a prize.

The challenge will officially start on 7 March and finish on 15 July 2016.

Date issued: 26 February 2016

Tackling Langwith's Anti Social Behaviour Problems 

Drinking alcohol, littering and urinating in public and congregating nuisance groups are to be banned in pubic open spaces in Langwith after we authorised a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for the area.

The PSPO will be introduced on Tuesday 1 March 2016 following continual problems of anti social behaviour often associated with drinking throughout Langwith, especially in the Whaley Thorns area and will cover a specific area (917kb).anti social behaviour image

Unruly behaviour, urinating in public, street drinking, large groups causing intimidation, nuisance and noise has impacted on residents going about their daily business.

The introduction of the PSPO will impose conditions or restrictions on people using the area including:

  • No consumption of alcohol in public
  • No unsealed vessels containing alcohol
  • No urinating
  • No littering
  • Not to congregate in groups of 3 or more people causing or likely to cause nuisance or anti social behaviour
  • Not to make excessive noise which causes nuisance or anti social behaviour.

The Order will give the Police and Council greater powers to deal with individuals who break any of the conditions listed in the Order. Failure to comply with the PSPO will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice with a £100 fine or a conviction and fine of up to £1,000.

Langwith falls within the boundaries of both Bolsover District and Bassetlaw District and they are working together to make sure the PSPO is as effective as possible.

Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion, Councillor Karl Reid said, “Our residents concerns are our concerns, and we want to do all we can to address the daily issues they are faced with.

“This Order is a positive step in the right direction and we will continue to restrict and monitor anti social behaviour so we can deliver peace of mind to our residents and local businesses.”

The Order, which is for a three year period with the option to extend it for a further three years, has been supported by comments from Derbyshire Constabulary and the local community and will be monitored on a weekly basis. New signs will be put up in the area with details of the Order.

Date issued: 27 February 2016

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