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Bin Collections

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Bolsover Contact Centre, Cotton Street, Bolsover S44 6HA
Clowne Contact Centre, The Arc, High Street, Clowne S43 4JY (main headquarters)


Shirebrook Contact Centre, 2A Main Street, Shirebrook NG20 8AW
South Normanton Contact Centre, The Hub, Shiners Way, South Normanton DE55 2AA


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We have increased our share of council tax by 2.99% for 2018-2019.

Councillors met on Wednesday 21 February 2018 and agreed the rise, which works out as a £4.97 increase for Band D households, equating to 9.5 pence per week.

With a budget requirement of £12.285m for next year, the extra £106,710 raised from this increase will help us continue to deliver good quality and efficient services such as leisure, waste and recycling and business growth and develop our partnership working to get best value from our services.

We have managed reductions in government grants since 2010 and need to find a funding shortfall of £1.183m up until 2022.

Council Leader, Councillor Ann Syrett said, “The decision has not been taken lightly and we have had some lengthy debates about it. Tough decisions have got to be made, but we have financial plans in place that show we are planning for the future, that we are a responsible Council and that we will continue to do our best to protect jobs and services.

“Since the austerity measures were introduced, we have taken a pro-active and well-managed approach of investing in our services to maximise income. Our Go! Active leisure facility, B@Home council house building programme and extension to the Tangent Business Hub are just three prime examples of where we invest in schemes so we can reap the long-term benefits.”

We are the billing authority, but only receive around 10pence of every pound of Council Tax collected, with the remaining 90pence going to the County Council, the Police and Fire authorities, Town and Parish Councils.



Households across the District are being reminded that their green bin collections are due to start again in early March 2018.

The green bin collections were suspended over the winter months as people are less active in the garden and there is little green waste being produced.

However, with spring on the horizon and people wanting to get back into their gardens the collections will start again.

Residents can place items such as leaves, hedge and plant clippings, twigs, branches and prunings, grass mowings, weeds and cut flowers. They can also place cooked and raw food waste (peeling, bones, fish, bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, etc) into their green bins as part of our efforts to improve recycling and composting across the area.

Residents are also asked not to put any black or burgundy bin type wastes in their green bin to help avoid contamination.

The green waste is taken to a composting facility where it is then turned into valuable resource instead of sending it to landfill. Materials can be used for recycling or composting, with the rest of the waste being used to generate heat and power instead of it just going into the ground.

Depending upon which week your bin is collected they will start again on either 6 or 13 March 2018.

Residents should check the waste and recycling calendars that where distributed before Christmas for their exact start dates.



We are on the lookout for the stars and unsung heroes of the sporting world from the past year.

Nominations for our 2018 ‘Bolsover District Sports Awards’ are now open where the aim is to recognise and reward the top local sportsmen, women, volunteers and clubs from across Bolsover District.

Once again we have teamed up with the Bolsover District School Sport Partnership to include more emphasis on schools and young people. The categories are split into two sections – Community and Schools – and with 33 awards such as Sportsperson of the Year, School Sport Organising Crew, Young Sports Leader and Lifetime Achievement Awards up for grabs, there is sure to be an award for you.

This could be anyone from a top athlete, coach, club or team, a school volunteer or Sports Leader who deserves to be recognised for their achievements and commitments during the past year (September 2017- up to August 2018).

Cabinet Member for Leisure, Councillor John Ritchie said, “We have opened the nominations early to give people more time to put forward their choices and tell us why they feel a person or a team deserves to be recognised.

“These awards are our way of saying ‘well done’ and ‘congratulations’. You don’t have to be a world beater or have won every medal in your sport – as it is also about the enjoyment and contribution people make to sport in general that we want to acknowledge. So, if you know someone who you think deserves to be recognised, then get in touch with us and nominate them for an award.”

The deadline for nominations is 7 September 2018 and the awards ceremony will take place in October 2018.

Application forms will be sent to all sports clubs and schools in Bolsover District asking for nominations and they can also be picked up from the Council’s offices, by telephoning 01246 242366 or can be downloaded - Community Nomination Form - Schools and Young People Nomination Form - Eligibility criteria.



As part of the continuing development of a new Local Plan for Bolsover District, the Council has produced a new draft Local Development Scheme setting out milestones for the final stages in the development of the new Local Plan.

This follows a meeting with and advice from the Planning Inspectorate and the draft new Local Development Scheme contains the following key dates. 


NEW DATES (2018)


Publication Local Plan Agreed

End of April 2018

This cannot take place sooner due to the need to complete a full Sustainability Appraisal of the Publication Draft Local Plan

Consultation Period

May – June 2018

Statutory 6 weeks required by law

Submission *

3rd week in July 2018

Assuming no significant changes are required to the Plan

Hearings Commence*

November 2018

Based on Planning Inspectorate Advice suggesting 12 week Minimum – Could be longer but this is in PINS’s hands

Inspectors Report*

July 2019

Based On Planning Inspectorate advice suggesting a year from submission


September 2019

Allows for August and summer holidays

 :* Subject to Planning Inspectorate time tabling

Planning Committee Chairman, Councillor Duncan McGregor said, “A great deal of work has gone into getting the Local Plan to this stage and we are now putting the final touches to the draft Local Plan ready for consultation.  The plan is designed to drive growth, investment and how our District will look over the next 15 years.  

“The new Local Development Scheme will provide clarity for local residents and communities on the last stages leading up to the adoption of the new Local Plan, including when consultation and participation to help shape the final version of the Local Plan will take place.

“After this consultation on the LDS, we will consider any comments and make any changes before adopting the new Local Development Scheme.”

Anyone wishing to make comments on the draft version of the new Local Development Scheme can do so either by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or writing to The Planning Policy Team, Bolsover District Council, The Arc, Clowne, S43 4JY. Comments need to be made before Friday 23 February 2018.


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