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We know that some people can't move their wheeled bin, perhaps due to illness or incapacity. If you can show that infirmity or disability stops you being able to move your bin to the collection point, we can provide a collection/return service for you.

We provide an assisted service for residents who due to disability or sickness are unable to present their bins for collection. If there is no-one else in your property who can present your bin for collection, then you can apply to us for assistance.

We will arrange for an officer to visit. If you meet the criteria for assisted collections, your bin will be presented and returned for you by our refuse staff. Please refer to our Waste and Recycling Collection policy (292kb) prior to requesting an assessment.

To help speed up your application, please supply supporting information such as proof of Disability Living Allowance, confirmation of infirmity/frailty by visiting care personnel or letter from your GP, Derbyshire County Council Social Care Department Registration of Disability.  An officer will contact you to arrange a home visit to discuss your application.

The Assisted Collection Service applies to your black, green and the burgundy recycling bin. Please use the contact details on the right to call us for more information or book an assessment.


Your bin collection dates for the year 2017 - 2018 are on your refuse calendar. The district is split into North and South areas and an online copy of the calendars can be downloaded and you can view your bin collection dates via our 'bin collections' button. You can search by street or area, this does not include bank holidays and Christmas periods.

We deliver a clinical waste collection service to both domestic and commercial properties in the District only after assessment by your G.P or Health Care Professional. Domestic collections will be arranged by the council only if the conditions of the NHS assessment are met.

Commercial collections are charged at a rate of £6.36 a bag per week, £165.36 over 6 months or £330.72 over 12 months.

Clinical waste is categorised as follows:

Soft Infectious Waste; Yellow bag (incineration only) A special collection is required to dispose of this waste and must not be placed in the black bin.

Infectious waste should not be disposed of in the black residual waste wheelie bin.

Infectious Sharps Waste: Yellow Sharps Container

This waste should be placed in the yellow 'Sharpsguard' sharps container. If you able to able to visit your surgery, or have relatives or representatives who can visit the surgery for you, the full sharps box should be taken to your surgery for disposal. When no other disposal route is available the council will make a collection of your 1 litre box when the patient has five full sharps boxes.

Offensive/Hygiene Waste

Non-infectious offensive/hygiene waste, including incontinence waste, empty stoma and catheter bags.  This waste can be disposed of in the black residual waste wheelie bin.

For any further information or if your clincial waste hasn't been collected please contact us 01246 242424.

If you operate a business you are liable for a charge for the collection and disposal of your trade waste. We are able to offer you competitive rates for the collection and disposal of your waste. We can supply either bags or large wheeled bins (up to 1100 litre) in any combination to suit the needs of your business.

Charges are payable half yearly in advance upon receipt of invoice.

For Commercial Waste charges - 2018 - 2019 click here.

Recycling services as above only apply when in combination with a general trade waste contract.


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