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Bolsover Contact Centre, Cotton Street, Bolsover S44 6HA
Clowne Contact Centre, The Arc, High Street, Clowne S43 4JY (main headquarters)

Shirebrook Contact Centre, 2A Main Street, Shirebrook NG20 8AW
South Normanton Contact Centre, The Hub, Shiners Way, South Normanton DE55 2AA
Telephone 01246 242424

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Business support and strategy

  • Advice and Assistance Open or Close

    We are committed to regenerating our towns and villages and by attracting investment such as The Coalite development as it provides much needed job opportunities and helps improve the local economy. We are keen to support any development proposals, whether they are an existing business looking to expand or a company looking to relocate to our district. We also work very closely with developers and local businesses to make sure we maximise any employment, skills and training opportunities for the benefit of local people.

    We have a team of people who will help to ensure developers and individuals receive good, factual advice, information and guidance to make their plans a reality and can also offer a bespoke support package to suit particular needs and will also provide an aftercare management service beyond project inception.

    We also stage regular Business Network events throughout the year, giving businesses in Derbyshire the chance to share ideas and best practice, whilst also finding out about the latest funding streams or training opportunities available. So, if you have a business proposal or just want some help and advice, contact us now.


    As part of the Grow Your Workforce Service, the Staveley Jobcentre are hosting a Jobs Fair at the Markham Vale Environment Centre. Does your company have vacancies available or are you looking to recruit in the future?  If so, join us to meet people interested in local vacancies on Tuesday 30th January 2018 10am – 12:15pm

    To book a space please contact Suzy Taylor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel. 01246 344825.


  • Apprentices Open or Close

    Apprentices must be aged 16 or over and combine working with studying for a work-based qualification - from GCSE's or equivalent up to degree level. They are an excellent way to find eager employees who will be trained up to a high level in order to provide them with the skills needed to perform their job. We work with partners to promote and recruit apprenticeships within the District and you may be able to get funding to help employ an apprentice. The Apprentices can be new or current employees and more detail can be found on Gov.uk website.

    Degree Apprenticeships

    Higher and degree apprenticeships are available at levels 4 to 7 and combine work with study and may include a work-based, academic or combined qualification or a professional qualification relevant to the industry. If you would like to find out more, please visit Gov.uk or Sheffield Hallam University.

    Apprenticeship Levy

    In April 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships in England is changing. Some employers will be required to contribute to a new apprenticeship levy, and there will be changes to the funding for apprenticeship training for all employers.

  • Broadband Open or Close

    We believe access to super-fast broadband is vital to improve life for residents and it is vital for businesses growth and long term job creation in the District, that's why we are working with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) to try and improve broadband services.

    DCC's Digital Derbyshire programme is looking to improve the broadband infrastructure to allow better connection speeds and is working with BT to manage the rollout of BDUK funds to support greater access to faster connectivity. Digital Derbyshire also have a postcode tracker on their website so you can find out more about your area.

  • Business Growth Fund Open or Close

    A fund launched by Bolsover District Council at the start of 2016 has been helping businesses from across the District. So far nine businesses have benefitted from the fund, totalling approximately £71k towards their future growth.

    The Business Growth Fund (BGF) was initially limited to those areas not eligible for BNED LEADER Approach funding, but it has now been opened up to all businesses across the district.

    Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 towards project costs are available (funding up to 90% of eligible costs) and will be awarded to businesses based upon their ability to achieve economic growth and/or jobs growth within the District.

    To discuss your proposal or find out more about BGF please contact the Economic Development Team : email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 01246 242512.

    All project activity will need to be completed by December 2018.

  • Employment & Training Open or Close

    Together with our partners we run a variety of schemes that help link local people with local jobs. 

    These include:

    • Ambition - The employment part of the Ambition scheme supports young people aged 18-24 into securing and sustaining apprenticeships, work experience and employment opportunities.
    • Apprenticeships - We work with partners and educational establishments to provide apprenticeships and traineeships for local young people.
    • Employer Engagement Programme - We support developers and employers with recruiting local people, the provision of local companies within the supply chain and connecting them with schools, colleges and universities.
    • Working Communities Project - This scheme is available to people, whether they are facing redundancy or are out of work, the opportunity to get one-to-one support, help and assistance with finding suitable employment. Please contact our Community Employment Advisor, 01246 217534 for more information.
  • Funding Open or Close

    To help businesses grow, we can provide access to or information on a variety of funding streams. The main ones for our District are:

    • Business Growth Fund - Funding for businesses across the district that are looking to achieve economic growth and/or job growth
    • D2N2 Growth Hub - Support for businesses in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire focussed around key themes of business growth, access to finance, skills and employability, innovation, and export.
    • LEADER - Funding of rural projects in the local area
    • SCR Growth Hub - Support across six themed areas: Access to Finance; Skills and Training; Innovation; Export; Start-Up and Growth Demand.

    For information on other funding streams please see our information sheet or contact us.


  • Land and Property Open or Close

    If you are looking for the ideal site or premises for your business, The Bolsover District has an abundance of commercial/business space and development sites.

    We continue to identify employment land, commercial space and social infrastructure to help our business base continue to grow. For more information on business premises or new business spaces becoming available please contact us on the number on this page.

  • Networking Open or Close


    Bolsover Business Networking Events

    We host a number of networking events throughout the year aimed at local businesses and enterprises who can liaise with other businesses and help them grow. Our events are free and offer opportunities to get advice from leaders in the industry.

    Business support and funding programme advisors will be available to chat at the event. 

    Spaces are limited – for a full list of events coming up and how to register see the Eventbrite website here.

    For more information or questions about the events please call 01246 242512 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Clowne Business Forum

    This Forum hosts networking for businesses in Clowne, Creswell, Bolsover and surrounding areas through regular lunchtime meetings at local venues. Small annual membership charge, or pay as you go. Visit their website or telephone 07973 522 772

    Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce (DNLCC)

    The DNLCC offers a comprehensive programme of events, seminars and workshops throughout the year. These range from networking and social events through to business seminars and management training. Annual charge payable, or for individual events/training sessions. Visit their website or telephone 01332 851280

    The Greenhouse

    This Greenhouse organises events for creative businesses in Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire – please refer to the website for further information.

    Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

    Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire branch offers a range of services from lobbying on behalf of small businesses through to training and events. For further information please visit the website or call 0115 960 8997

    Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS)

    MAS offer events to support manufacturing businesses. Please refer to the website for the latest event details. 

    Derby Hub

    Please visit their website or telephone 0844 770 5462

    Network Midlands

    Please visit their website or telephone 0116 210 1338

    East Midlands Incubation Network

    Please visit their website or telephone 01332 231 875

    Co-operative and Social Enterprise Development Agency (CaSE-da)

    CaSE-da holds events for prestart and established social enterprises. Telephone 0116 222 5010.

  • Regulatory Advice & Guidance Open or Close

     Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect, with a number of requirements, many of them legal, needing to be met. This discourages many potential business owners from even beginning.

    However, there is support available from a number of different agencies, who can help you to navigate through this, to give your fledgling business every chance of success.  This section can link you through to those agencies.

    In the first instance, it is recommended that everybody who is interested in starting a business, contacts the National Business Support Helpline, who can provide advice and guidance on a local and national level. 

    If you would also like some new premises for your business, please contact a member of the Economic Development team using the contact details on this page.

    If you would help on completing your self assessment tax returns, please see the guidance issued from HMRC here.

  • Small Business Saturday Open or Close


    This year’s Small Business Saturday on 2nd December achieved record spending across the UK, estimated to have topped £748 million. According to an American Express survey conducted in the 48 hours following the fifth annual shopping event, where shoppers were encouraged to support their local small businesses, spend jumped four per cent this year. This was aided by an 87% backing from local authorities, up from 80% a year earlier. Furthermore, 56% of customers who were surveyed said they spent more than usual on the day and over 115,000 tweets were published about the event, trending at number one in the UK.

    The event occurs on the first weekend of December, thought to be one of the busiest weekends of the year. Notable figures and organisations including London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Alexa Chung, the Federation of Small Businesses and Enterprise Nation also pledged their support for Small Business Saturday. It was also backed up by a high profile television advert running at peak times over the weekend, with support from recognisable faces like Fred Sirieix and Billie Piper.

    “In its fifth year, Small Business Saturday has once again seen a boost in spending with Britain’s small independent businesses,” Small Business Saturday campaign director Michelle Ovens said. “There’s been a phenomenal response from small businesses in communities across the UK again this year so it’s fantastic that a record amount was spent with them this Small Business Saturday.”

    Bolsover District Council has put economic growth at the heart of its ambition and priorities, as seen by the launch of its ‘Growth Strategy – Unlocking our Growth Potential’  and is keen to work with businesses of all sizes and sectors across the District. For further information, or to speak to the Economic Development Team, please call 01246 242512 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Devolution deals


  • Air Quality Open or Close

    We monitor air quality levels to ensure that the people, animals and property of the District stay safe and healthy.

    Air pollution happens when harmful substances are allowed into the air. The main pollutant affecting our air is nitrogen dioxide, but problems can also be caused by increased levels of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, lead, ground level ozone, small particles and cancer causing chemicals like benzene.

    We operate a monitoring programme for atmospheric pollutants using a network of equipment, and take action to make sure that problems are dealt with swiftly. You can view Smoke Control Zones in the District by using the Find My.. mapping tool on this page.

    Where appropriate, developers have to consider the impact of their proposed development on air quality. If necessary developers may have to appoint a consultant to undertake an Air Quality Assessment to look at the potential impact the development would have on existing air quality.

    Air Quality Report 2017

    Air Quality Report 2014 2015 & 2016

    Air Quality Report 2013

    Air Quality Report 2012

    Air Quality Report 2011

    Air Quality Report 2010

  • Contaminated Land Open or Close

    Industrial activity throughout the UK has left us with the legacy of old derelict sites, many with problems of residual contamination. Some of these sites are potentially hazardous to human health, watercourses or other such sensitive receptors.

    In the past it has been difficult to force the clean-up of such sites. However, legislation formed under Part IIa of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 was introduced in April 2000 to facilitate the identification and remediation of such sites. As part of this legislation, Local Authorities were given the responsibility of developing a strategy for inspecting their areas and identifying potentially harmful sites.

    Together with most other Local Authorities, we have published our Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy (438kb) and we inspect and prioritise potentially contaminated sites within the District at the Planning Application stage.

    This involves the use of historical records and maps to identify locations where potentially polluting activities once took place. There is a legal definition of contaminated land and the purpose of this inspection process is to identify sites that need to be classified as contaminated.

    A guide to Submitting Applications For Land That May Be Contaminated (1.7MB) has been produced by the Derbyshire Contaminated Land Sub-Group. The Environment Agency have useful information on contaminated land.

  • Cooling Towers Open or Close

    All premises which have cooling towers and evaporative condensers must register with us under The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992.

    This is to help us identify potential areas that could give rise to spread of infectious diseases, such as Legionnaire's Disease, and to ensure measures are taken to eliminate the risk of infection.

    A Cooling Tower is a type of cooling equipment, often used in manufacturing, that uses water as part of the cooling process. The warm humid conditions can be an ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms such as the Legionella bacteria, which causes Legionnaire's disease.

    Here is the current register of cooling towers (33kb) within our district.

  • Food Open or Close

    If you are operating a food business you will need to register your food business with us. This must be done so we can carry out a food inspection.

    All food businesses are subject to routine food hygiene inspections from our officers; visits to premises are usually carried out without prior notice. The frequency of inspections is decided by a risk analysis, so that those premises that present the greatest risk are inspected most frequently.

    During an inspection, officers will want to ensure that potential food safety risks have been identified by the business, and that there are adequate controls in place to prevent any future problems. The officers will inspect records and may take photographs and samples. They will make sure that managers and food handlers are properly trained and will check that the condition of the premises and equipment is satisfactory.

    Where conditions are not satisfactory, every attempt will be made to resolve the situation, but where poor conditions exist or where there is a risk to public health it may be necessary to resort to formal action. General information on food hygiene and safety can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.

  • Health & Safety Open or Close

    We undertake a wide range of duties designed to protect the health safety and welfare of people at work and those that visit places of work within our area.

    This involves enforcing legal standards in a variety of workplaces such as shops, offices, leisure centres, hotels, warehouses and residential homes. 

    Our main areas of activity are:

    • Inspecting workplaces
    • Investigating accidents
    • Responding to workplace complaints
    • Giving health and safety advice to local business

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) deals with higher risk businesses such as factories, mines, quarries and farms. East Midlands Chamber offer free health and safety advice as part of a project to help businesses in the region cope with regulations. The HSE have also launched a new Beware Asbestos website with information to help businesses be more aware.

  • Pest Control Open or Close

    We provide advice and treatment services covering a range of domestic pests such as rats, mice, fleas and wasps. This service is for domestic premises only and adheres to our Pest Control Policy (194kb). No treatment in commercial premises will be undertaken.

    The pest control service will be provided within the boundary of domestic premises only for the eradication of:

    Treatment Timescale for appointment Charge

    Rats inside your property

    1 working day No charge
    Rats outside your property 5 working days No charge
    Bed Bugs 5 working days Standard Fee £46.23 
    Out of Hours Fee £60.45
    Cockroaches inside your property 5 working days Standard Fee £46.23 
    Out of Hours Fee £60.45
    Fleas inside your property 5 working days Standard Fee £46.23 
    Out of Hours Fee £60.45
    Mice inside your property 5 working days No charge
    Wasps 5 working days £46.23
    Advice and Guidance 2 working days No charge

    If you need to pay for a treatment you can do so by debit card over the phone whilst you make an appointment for your treatment. Out of hours service is only available in emergency circumstances and is at the discretion of the Joint Assistant Director of Environmental Health. Every person requesting the service will be charged including Council tenants, private tenants, owner occupiers and landlords.

    Bumble Bees

    All local authorities have a legal duty to the conservation of biodiversity when exercising their functions. As a consequence, we do not provide a service for the destruction of any species of bees, unless in exceptional circumstances for more information about bees click here.

    Honey Bees-

    Honey Bees - click here to visit the British Beek Keeper Associatioin website, put in your postcode to generate a list of bee keepers in the area that will collect the bees. This should be done free of charge. 


    Bats are protected by law. For more details on bats please visit Natural England and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust websites.

  • Waste Open or Close

    If you operate a business you are liable for a charge for the collection and disposal of your trade waste. We are able to offer you competitive rates for the collection and disposal of your waste. We can supply either bags or large wheeled bins (up to 1100 litre) in any combination to suit the needs of your business.

    Charges are payable half yearly in advance upon receipt of invoice.

    Commercial Waste Charges - 1st October 2016 to 31st March 2017

    Domestic Bin: 240 Litre - £33.65

    Bin Sizes Charges (plus VAT)
    Refuse/Clinical Sack £5.14 (week) £133.64 (6 months) £267.28 (12 months)
    240 Litre (standard domestic) £5.77 (week) £150.02 (6 months) £300.04 (12 months)
    360 Litre £7.04 (week) £183.04 (6 months) £366.08 (12 months)
    500 Litre £9.49 (week) £246.74 (6 months) £493.48 (12 months)
    660 Litre £11.02 (week) £286.52 (6 months) £573.04 (12 months)
    1100 Litre £15.37 (week) £399.62 (6 months) £799.24 (12 months)

    * Existing customers only

    Other Commercial Waste Services

    • Trade Bulky Collections (priced on assessment) - Minimum £115.00 (plus VAT)
    • Commercial Skip Service - £346.73 per empty (plus VAT)
    • Private House Clearances (priced on assessment) - Minimum £115.00 (plus VAT)
    Schools Waste Charges - 1st October 2016 to 31st March 2017
    Bin Sizes Charges (plus VAT)
    Refuse/Clinical Sack £3.92 (week) £101.92 (6 months) £203.84 (12 months)
    240 Litre (standard domestic) £4.14 (week) £107.64 (6 months) £215.28 (12 months)
    350 Litre £4.37 (week) £113.62 (6 months) £227.24 (12 months)
    500 Litre £5.06 (week) £131.56 (6 months) £263.12 (12 months)
    660 Litre £5.30 (week) £137.80 (6 months) £275.60 (12 months)
    *750 Litre £5.52 (week) £143.52 (6 months) £287.04 (12 months)
    1100 Litre £6.67 (week) £173.42 (6 months) £346.84 (12 months)
    Skip per empty     £101.50

    * No Longer Available

Land and property

  • Available Land and Property Open or Close

    We have a wide range of land and property available to suit all needs. Contact us on 01246 242424 for more details.

  • Commercial Properties Open or Close

    Bolsover District is a fast growing business location within the heart of the country. From modern business parks to quality existing commercial premises there's a huge choice for any business wishing to locate or expand in the area.

    You can also freely search our Sites and Premises Database (opens in new window) for further assistance.

  • Community Value Assets Open or Close

    The Localism Act provides communities with a local connection a right to identify assets such as local pubs, shops, village halls and post offices which, if they came up for sale, they would want to try and purchase.

    The Act does not give a right to buy the property in question but it does give potential bidders the time to put a proposal together. Local community and voluntary bodies as well as parish and town councils are able to identify land and buildings that have provided an important service in their community and may do in the future.

    These community bodies can nominate assets for inclusion on a register of assets of community value, which will be maintained by us.

    If an asset on the register comes up for sale, community bodies may have up to six months in which to raise the capital and bid to buy the asset, before it can be sold on the open market.

    How to make a nomination 
    Community groups have to meet certain criteria and provide supporting evidence to be eligible to nominate an asset. To assist you we have created a nomination form (45kb). Once completed, please send this and any evidence to: Nicola Calver, Governance Manager, Bolsover District Council, The Arc, Clowne, Derbyshire S43 4JY

    Help and Guidance 
    We have produced a frequently asked questions (51kb) information sheet which provides guidance on how we will deal with nominations under the Community Right to Bid process.

    National guidance on the Community Right to Bid can be found on the gov.uk website and you may also find some useful information  on the My Community Rights website

    We have published a list of community assets (45kb) that have been nominated an unsuccessfully nominated.

  • Development Opportunities Open or Close

    We have a district with a number of positive elements that help to attract - and keep - businesses to the area.

    These benefits include our central location and excellent transport links, our ability to access finance from a variety of sources and our access to a skilled workforce, amongst many others. We work with our partners to bring forward exciting development opportunities that can provide any business with a good starting base or somewhere you can expand and grow or property developers the chance to create a legacy. These include:

  • Empty Homes Open or Close

     Long term empty homes are those that have been empty for six months or more and we are committed to reducing the number of these. Empty properties can make a significant impact to a road or area but there are a number of reasons why properties become empty including the death or ill health of an owner, the property being subject to probate or other legal disputes, or a landlord being unwilling or unable to let the property. An owner may also be unable or unwilling to sell a property, or have inherited it and not know what to do with it.

    If you are concerned about a vacant or dilapidated property please report thsi to us immediately so we can investigate it and speak to the owner. 

    We can also provide help to owners who have empty properties by: 

    • Helping to let or sell a property, 
    • Providing advice on renovating a property,
    • Advertising the property to let or for sale on our website,
    • Providing a Matching Service with organisations that are looking to bring empty properties back into use. 

    If you are a developer interested in purchasing and/or developing empty properties pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

    We use enforcement options only as a last resort where an owner is unwilling to bring the home back into use and it is causing a problem in the neighbourhood. There are several options available to us including:

    • Statutory enforcement action - we use a wide range of enforcement powers to make sure an owner improves their property.
    • Enforced sale - this allows the sale of an empty property to be forced to recover debts that are owed to us.
    • Empty Dwelling Management Order – enables management of the property to move to the local authority or a nominated party (usually a registered provider) for up to seven years.
    • Compulsory purchase - this is when we buy a property from an owner even if they don't give their consent.
  • Land Charges Open or Close

    The Land Charges section can be contacted on 01246 242316/242279.  Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00 to 2.30

    When you are buying or selling a house, your solicitor will make a search of our records to ensure there are no hidden surprises, such as motorways at the bottom of your garden or outstanding notices requiring you to take action to remedy an earlier wrong doing.

    This is a full and comprehensive search of our property records. We answer a series of questions contained on the form CON29 which are enquiries of the local authority. Forms are usually submitted to us through a solicitor, licensed conveyancer or legal practitioner.

    Form LLC1 reveals entries contained in the Land Charges Register that affect a property/land and the other questions are checked to make sure there are no hidden surprises.

    The Council has taken the decision to defer charging VAT on CON29 searches. Local Authorities now have until 31st March 2017 in which to implement VAT charges. We will update this page once we know when VAT will be implemented.

    Please use our easy search form to send in your search (or download a hard copy (51kb)). Your site plan needs to be uploaded if using the electronic version on the website, if you have a copy of our easy search form to send in directly to our email address you need to send in your site plan separately to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and pop your cheque in the post identifying the search address. All our fees are shown on the easy search form.

    What We Do

    • Deliver fast, efficient and reliable Local Authority searches with an emphasis on quality. We have experience, expertise and local knowledge
    • Provide a comprehensive service
    • Provide prompt responses (10-15 working days)
    • Provide official certificates
    • All our searches are lender approved
    • All our searches are covered by insurance (even after point of sale)
    • Personal service guaranteed
    • Provide a high standard of service in the industry at very competitve prices.


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