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Social Housing

If you rent from a council or housing association, you are generally referred to as a 'social housing' tenant.

Social housing tends to offer long-term, secure tenancies and in the majority of cases, you can't be asked to leave unless you have broken one of the terms of your tenancy agreement. This could be because you haven't paid your rent or if you have been a bad neighbour. Unfortunately, the demands for social housing is very high, with more demand than supply in most areas. Social housing tends to be let to people in the highest housing need so it can be difficult to access for some people.

Affordable Housing

f you can't afford to buy your first home, there are government schemes that can help.

We have a number of affordable housing schemes across the District which give potential homeowners a range of options to buy a property. These include:

  • buy a property after renting for up to 3 years 
  • part rent, part buy scheme.

There are also a number of documents and publications available to help provide you advice and assistance with your property and finances:

  • Information about the government's schemes to help you with your mortgage
  • Coping With The Economic Downturn (832kb)
  • CAB guide to Mortgage Arrears
  • CAB Guide to Rent Arrears
  • Debt Management Plan
  • NHAS advice booklet for people worried about their mortgage (442kb)
  • FAQ about the Mortgage Rescue Scheme (24kb)
  • Local Housing Allowance
  • Housing issues - your rights and responsibilities

Houses in Multiple Occupation

We have signed up to become partners to the East Midlands Landlord Accreditation Scheme (EMLAS). The scheme is the first regional accreditation scheme, outside of London, to recognise the abilities of the landlord and not just the property standards.

Any landlord who owns and lets residential property throughout the entire East Midlands is eligible to join the Accreditation Scheme and therefore benefit from the rewards that the scheme provides. EMLAS works in partnership with Local Authorities to provide both landlords and tenants with up to date and relevant information and guidelines on all aspects of tenancy.

In addition to the provision of the latest information and the market advantage enjoyed by accredited landlords, EMLAS offers a wide variety of discounts on goods and services that will be of real benefit. .

House in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

The definition of House in Multiple Occupation has changed under the Housing Act 2004. The definition is quite complex, but in essence includes buildings that are occupied by persons who do not form a single household, where there is a degree of sharing of facilities.

HMO Licensing
Following the Housing Act 2004, landlords of HMO's which are three storeys or more and are occupied by five people or more will need to apply to the Council for a licence. It is now an offence to operate a licensable HMO without a licence for which there are heavy penalties or conviction.

Energy Efficiency in Rented Properties
Landlords need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) prior to the start of any new tenancy. A copy of this certificate needs to be supplied to any new tenant free of charge. This does not apply to existing tenants.

The EPC must be produced by an accredited assessor & should show the estimated running costs and the estimated carbon emissions from the property. The rating on the certificate is on a scale of A - G similar to those used for electrical appliances. The rating should also be accompanied by a recommendation report detailing how to improve the property's energy efficiency. Each EPC for the domestic rental sector should last for roughly 10 years, although landlordsare encouraged to update them more often if they have refuebished a a proprty & upgraded it's thermal efficiency.

It is believed higher ratings could give landlords a marketing advantage as prospective tenants will be able to compare properties againsteach other and choose one where they will benefit from lower fuel bills. The Enforcement of EPC's will be carried out by Derbyshire County Council Trading Standards, the Environmental Health section will promote the legislation amongst both landlords and tenants


Housing Associations 

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