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Private Sector Housing

Private renting offers you greater freedom to find the type of accommodation you require in the area you wish to live.

Private landlords offer a wide range of accommodation, often in areas that we cannot. They tend to offer properties on six monthly tenancies, which can be renewed if they are happy with the way you have managed your tenancy. You don't have the same security of tenure, but the shorter tenancies and higher mobility works well for people who need to move frequently. Rents can be higher than in social housing so if you need help with your rent, check out the Local Housing Allowance before you commit to a tenancy.

Disabled Facilities Grant

We provide assistance to residents with a disability in the form of a Disabled Facilities Grant. Residents can obtain a grant provided that certain qualifying criteria are met and are available to all people with disabilities living in the District. These grants are funded by us, but are subject to assessment of need by an Occupational Therapist working for Social Services.

Bolsover  District Council tenants can apply for an adaptation through the Bolsover District Council Housing Department. Common adaptations include stairlifts, through floorlifts, alterations to bathrooms and the provision of downstairs facilities.

Applicants are presently subjected to a test of their financial resources, which is modelled on the housing benefit system, which determines his/her contribution which can range from nothing to the full cost of the work. In the latter scenario no grant is paid although the contribution is taken into account in a future application.

The grant may be reclaimed if the property changes hands but the amount to be repaid will be limited to amounts that exceed £5,000 and will not exceed a repayment of £10,000.

We work closely with Social Care and Health at Derbyshire County Council who has a duty to ensure that the disabled persons established needs are met.

To make an application for grant aid you should, in the first instance, telephone 0845 6058058 (Call Derbyshire) who will take your details and pass them on to the Occupational Therapy team.

If you wish to discuss this in more detail, please contact the Technical Support Team on 01246 217873

Houses in Multiple Occupation

What is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)?

A domestic property is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) if the following  applies:

  • at least three tenants live there, forming more than one household (i.e. not a single family unit)
  • tenants share some or all amenities including; toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities with other tenants. 

What is a Licensable HMO?

Licensing is mandatory for all HMO's which have three or more storeys. This may include a mix of commercial buildings at ground level with domestic dwellings above the business and are occupied by five or more persons forming two or more households. As a landlord you are legally obliged to apply for a HMO licence if you meet this criteria.

How can I apply?

Please complete an application form using the guidance notes provided below. If you are unsure about what information is required please contact us.

Please enclose a cheque for £277.58 with your application or alternatively, you can make a payment via the contact centre.

Application and Guidance Documents

Application Form

Application Guidance Notes

Lacors Fire Safety

Amenity Standards

Housing Act 2004

HMO Management Regulations


Landlord Accreditation Scheme

We have worked in partnership with DASH (Decent and Safe Homes) for a number of years and the landlord accreditation, formally known as EMLAS, is a region wide scheme that encourages and rewards good property standards and management practice in the private rented sector.

Membership of the scheme is £99 for owners of under 20 properties, but is free for landlords who apply before April 2015.  Membership of the scheme lasts for 3 years. The Scheme is voluntary and open to any residential landlord in the East Midlands region.

Being a DASH accredited landlord will set you apart from the rest. The scheme will provide public recognition that you are a reputable landlord who not only maintains property standards, but who also treats tenants fairly and manages their properties well.

Once you are a member to the scheme you will be able to use the DASH logo in adverts and on letterheads to promote yourself giving you an edge above the rest. Also, as an accredited landlord you will have access to training and best practice guidance and be able to take full advantage of the the DASH guidance materials and events to enable them to understand fully property management and how to deal with tenancies in an ever changing environment.

Amongst the benefits  as a DASH accredited landlord, you will have access to a range of specially discounted services which have been negotiated for you by DASH. For more information on this check out the FAQ page on the DASH website.

If you wish to become a DASH Accredited Landlord for free, fill in the online form or contact Fiona England on 01332 641111 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Local Authority Mortgage Scheme (LAMS)

The scheme is aimed at first time buyers only who can afford mortgage payments but not the initial deposit.

The Local Authority can provide a mortgage deposit bond guarantee. A top-up indemnity to the value of the difference between a lower loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage (i.e. 75% - requiring a 25% deposit) and a 95% LTV mortgage. The potential buyer will thereby obtain a 95% mortgage on similar terms as a 75% mortgage, but without the need to provide the substantial deposit usually required.
In addition to meeting the mortgage application criteria required by Leek United Building Society, applicants must also comply with the Authority's local criteria:

• Maximum property value in North East Derbyshire District Council area of £175,000 and in Bolsover District Council area of £150,000.
• Property must be located within North East Derbyshire district and Bolsover district.

Further information or enquiries please see the Leek United Building Society website. Or alternatively customers can call into their local Leek United branch or call the Society at the Head Office on 01538 380047 or at the Derby Branch on 01332 344708. Please see the attached factsheet for additional information.

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