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We can provide help and assistance if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness. This can be done in person, by phone or by email by contacting the Housing Needs Officers at your local Contact Centre.

You will be interviewed by an experienced officer who will conduct an initial assessment of your housing needs. This officer will be your point of contact throughout your application and will work with you and other agencies to try and resolve your housing situation. If you fail to respond to a request for information or you lose contact with us then it may be deemed that you wish to withdraw your application. It is important therefore that you supply all information and keep in touch. If we are unable to prevent your homelessness, we will arrange to carry out a full homeless assessment.

What documentation will I need to bring to the interview?

When you are attending your homeless interview it is important that you bring any of the following documents with you. Failure to bring these documents may cause a delay in your homeless application being assessed.

  • Full/birth certificates/or/passport - If you do not have a Full/birth certificates/or/passport.
  • Child benefit payment books - A Benefit Book is required to confirm that there are dependent children living with you.
  • Tenancy agreement - A Tenancy Agreement is required if you are currently privately renting to check your tenancy rights.
  • Income details - Details of income, benefits, savings, and any profit from the sale of any property.
  • Notices to Quit/Possession Orders/Bailiff's Warrant - If your landlord is seeking possession we will need these documents to determine your homelessness and whether or not your landlord has, in fact, served a Legal Notice.
  • Friends/Family - If you are living with friends or family, we will need confirmation from them regarding how long you have resided there and why you have to leave. A contact telephone number is also needed.
  • Addresses past 5 years - Details of any address that you have resided at during the last 5 years, dates and type of occupation (i.e. tenant/owner). Please ensure that you have this information available.
  • Medical Evidence - If you have a medical problem, evidence is required, i.e. Incapacity Benefit Books; GP Prescription/certificate; letter from GP (Please note that your GP may charge for this); medication.

What if I don't agree with a decision?

If after carrying out our enquiries we find that you are not owed a duty under the current housing legislation, usually due to your being either intentionally homeless or ineligible, then you have the right to request a review of that decision. All reviews of homelessness decisions are undertaken by an independent officer who is senior to the officer who made the original decision and who was not connected to the original decision.

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