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Animal Welfare

Animal welfare and their control is a top priority for us. Our services help provide educational support to encourage responsible animal ownership. Advice can be offered on stray dogs, dog fouling, noisy animals, animal licensing and microchipping.

If you suspect that an animal of any kind is being subjected to any form of cruelty, this needs to be reported to the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

The Department of Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) enforces national legislation governing the health and welfare of farm animals. This includes complaints of neglect or ill treatment of livestock on farms, during transport, at market etc. We also provide advice and guidance on:

Dead Animals

Our Streetscene team will collect dead animals (cats, hedgehogs, mice, etc) from the roads and footpaths throughout the District. 

All livestock carcases must be disposed of at Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved premises.

Dog Fouling

Dog mess is an unpleasant aspect of dog ownership. But it is every owner's duty to clean up after their dog and there is no excuse for leaving it behind!

Dog mess is unsightly, unpleasant and smelly! It is even more unpleasant if troden in and walked in to your home. It is unhygienic and may cause severe health problems, especially in children.

Please report any dog fouling issues using our new On-line services website.

Below are just some points on being a responsible dog owner:

  • Always carry a means to clear up after your dog. Poop bags are available free from the council offices, contact centres and some parish councils. An ordinary plastic bag will do if nothing else is available!
  • Dispose of your poop bag correctly. Use a dog bin where possible, failing this, use an ordinary litter bin or take the bag home and bin it there!
  • If you have a garden, train your dog to go there before you leave home. This way you can bag it and bin it straight away!
  • Never let your dog out alone to do it's toilet business, because the dog may stray and foul. If your dog is picked up by our Dog Warden you will have to pay to get your dog back and if the fouling was witnessed, you may face a fixed penalty notice of £50.00 or a court fine of up to £1,000.
  • Encourage other dog owners to act responsibly. Do not be rude or aggressive, but simply offer them one of your poop bags. Embarrassment gets better results than abuse.

Some people continue to be irresponsible and there are an increasing amount of dog owners who clear up after their dog and then leave the bag on a tree or a bush or even throw it on the ground. This is littering and we can issue a fixed penalty notice of £50.00 for this behaviour.

If you witness dog owners not picking up after their dog or disposing of their poop bags as described above, report them to us. You call will be treated in confidence. If you decide to make a complaint about dog fouling, please ensure you supply as many details as possible in order for us to take the appropriate action:

  • Name and address of the dog owner - if you know it!
  • If the name/address is not known - a description of the person(s) and the dog(s)
  • Did the offender drive a vehicle? 
  • A description and/or registration of the vehicle
  • Location of the dog fouling or poop bag
  • Time of the incident - Very important! We may be able to catch the person the next time as most dog walkers follow a similar daily routine

Our enforcement staff carry out dog fouling patrols every day throughout the District based on complaints and the information you provide, but we need your help to make the District a safer, cleaner and healthier place to live.

Pest Control

We provide advice and treatment services covering a range of domestic pests such as rats, mice, fleas and wasps. This service is for domestic premises only and adheres to our Pest Control Policy (194kb). No treatment in commercial premises will be undertaken.

The pest control service will be provided within the boundary of domestic premises only for the eradication of:

Treatment Timescale for appointment Charge

Rats inside your property

1 working day No charge
Rats outside your property 5 working days No charge
Bed Bugs 5 working days Standard Fee £46.23 
Out of Hours Fee £60.45
Cockroaches inside your property 5 working days Standard Fee £46.23 
Out of Hours Fee £60.45
Fleas inside your property 5 working days Standard Fee £46.23 
Out of Hours Fee £60.45
Mice inside your property 5 working days No charge
Wasps 5 working days £46.23
Advice and Guidance 2 working days No charge


If you need to pay for a treatment you can do so by debit card over the phone whilst you make an appointment for your treatment. Out of hours service is only available in emergency circumstances and is at the discretion of the Joint Assistant Director of Environmental Health. Every person requesting the service will be charged including Council tenants, private tenants, owner occupiers and landlords.

Advice and Guidance

During a recent survey investigating the reasons why rats were found on residential gardens, the pest control team found that during the three months (November 2008 – January 2009), 27% of the rat infestations that were dealt with in gardens in Bolsover District were due to bird feeding. Whilst we appreciate the joy of feeding birds and encouraging them into your garden, sensible feeding is important, so as not to encourage unwelcome visitors. Advice on feeding birds responsibly is available from the RSPB.

Using the wrong sort of waste in a compost bin can also attract rats. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has guidance on Good Composting Practice.

Bumble Bees

Since 1st October 2006, all local authorities have a legal duty to have regard to the conservation of biodiversity in exercising their functions. As a consequence, the authority does not provide a service for the destruction of any species of Bees, except in exceptional circumstances and you can download information about bees below:


Bats are protected by law. For more details on bats there is information on the Natural England or Derbyshire Wildlife Trust websites.

Stray Animals

A stray dog is any dog, tagged or not, that wanders outside its owner's property boundary, whether by accident or design. You must not allow your dog to exercise unattended in public places, this can lead to indiscriminate fouling in public places, attacks on people or other dogs and road traffic accidents.

If you live near to the border with a neighbouring Local Authority, your dog may have strayed over the border. You should also contact one of the following council's to find out if their Dog Warden has found your dog:

  • Bassettlaw District Council - 01909 533533
  • Chesterfield Borough Council - 01246 345345
  • Mansfield District Council - 01623 463463
  • North East Derbyshire District Council - 01246 231111
  • Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council - 01709 382121

What happens if the Dog Warden finds your dog straying in Bolsover District?

If your dog strays on a highway or public place it maybe seized by our Dog Warden. It will be taken to one of our boarding kennels and only released to the owner after the fees have been paid. The payable fees are:

  • Statutory release fee of £25.00
  • Administration Fee £12.39
  • Kennelling fee £9.60 per day/part of day
  • If your dog is collected by us between 5pm - 8am a £16.00 out-of-hours fee will also apply.
  • If your dog is recieved by our kennels on a Saturday between 9am - 5pm, a Sunday between 9am - 1pm or a Bank Holiday between 10am - 12pm (midday) a fee of £25.00 will apply. Veterinary fees - if your dog is found injured or suffering, it may be taken to a veterinary practice for treatment. This will also include routine vaccinations that are required to rehome the dog at one of our sancturies. The fees that are charged directly to the council by the vet will be passed on to the owner.

To arrange payment and collection of a dog, owners should contact us immediately.

Dog Identification

The Control of Dogs order 1992 requires that all dogs must be able to be identified by a collar and a tag when in a public place; contravention could result in a fine of up to £5,000. In addition to this, new legislation comes into force on 6 April 2016, where all dogs must be microchipped. We run a microchipping service available to all residents of the District. Even if your dog is micro-chipped, it still needs to have a collar and tag by law. Having your dog micro-chipped is a good permanent form of identification, but it is very important that the details on the microchip database are kept up to date, such as new addresses and contact numbers. Your dog can be microchipped by our Dog Warden for a small fee.

Abandoned Dogs

Your dog must not be abandoned either temporarily or permanently. Leaving a dog to roam freely may constitute temporary abandonment and a charge of cruelty may be brought against you.

Worrying Livestock

Stray dogs can also worry livestock which not only puts farm animals at risk, but dogs too. A farmer can legally shoot a dog if it is caught straying on farm land. Many people find it hard to believe that their pet could be capable of chasing and harming livestock, but any dog can have its chase instinct triggered by the sight or movement of farm animals. The dog is also in danger of being trampled by cattle and horses. If your dog causes an accident, worries livestock, damages people or property, or is handed to the Police as a stray, you are liable for any costs incurred.

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