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ESR Address HELP

1) The main menu can be found at the top. This will take you to the main sections within the local plan. If you click the Bolsover Logo on the top left of the page, you will be taken back to the main Bolsover web site.

2) Where maps cannot be shown in full on-screen, you are able to navigate around them by selecting your desired location using the small 'sectioned' map on the top left of the map pages. Your browser will automatically add scroll bars if you view on smaller monitors.

3) The map key can be by clicking the 'key' button on each map page. From here you are able to access key references within the local plan.

4) When you select 'Written Statement' from the main menu, the Contents page appears. You can access chapters and appendices etc., using the menu on the left-hand side, or by selecting the text.

5) Use the browser window's scroll bars to view all information if you have a smaller monitor.

6) Please note that when exploring the Location Maps, if the mouse pointer turns into a hand with it's finger pointing, this area is active and when selected will take you to a more detailed map of this region.

7) If you click on any of the policy numbers (shown on map sections) you will be taken to these sections within the written statement.

Some of the map images and Written Statement chapter pages have quite large file sizes and will therefore take a short while to download into your browser window. This is quite normal but can be frustrating. When you have viewed the page once, however, the second visit will be much faster because the page will already be in your computer's memory cache.

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