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10.1 The local plan provides a framework for development during the period 1995-2005. The implementation of proposals invariably requires an element of funding, whereas the implementation of policies can be achieved as part of the day-to-day operation of council business.

10.2 The district council has restricted financial resources to implement many of the proposed schemes identified in the local plan. Those schemes it does propose to implement are likely to rely also upon additional or even complete funding being available from central government, European grant aid regimes, or other sources. To this end the district council will seek to maximise the benefits available through such resources.


10.3 Partnership working is a well-established practice in the North Derbyshire Coalfield Rural Development Area, and it is likely that many schemes will be implemented by the district council together with its partners. These agencies include Groundwork Creswell, the Rural Development Commission, the East Midlands Development Agency, Derbyshire County Council and English Heritage.

10.4 The district council will endeavour to apply the policies of the local plan throughout its decision-making process and will encourage the development of schemes by promotion and negotiation. It is therefore likely that several projects will be implemented by the private sector, possibly in partnership with the district council.

10.5 Some of the development proposals set out in the plan will result directly in a need for additional facilities to be provided or financed by the development, for example community facilities, and/or environmental and/or infrastructure improvements. In most cases the requirement for these facilities to be provided in relation to specific developments is referred to in specific policies of the plan. Wherever possible the council will endeavour to secure the provision of these facilities through conditions on planning permission although, in some circumstances, it may be more appropriate to enter into a planning obligation with developers under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Such obligations can be sought provided that they are:

1)   necessary to make the proposal acceptable in land use terms;
2)   relevant to planning and the proposal;
3)   directly related to the development proposed;
4)   fairly and reasonably related in scale and kind;
5)   reasonable in all other respects.

10.6 Such arrangements can ensure that provision is made for facilities which allow the development to occur; ensure that contributions are made towards the provision of facilities required by the development; ensure the implementation of local plan policies and offset the loss of or impact on any amenity or resource present on the site before development. To help developers the plan tries to indicate which measures at specific sites will be secured by such arrangements, but the council will not confine its use of conditions and agreements to these issues alone and will make use of them wherever appropriate.


10.7 The council will enforce against breaches of planning control as detailed in its published policy and procedures.


10.8 In the current economic climate it is difficult to predict how successful the proposals and policies of the local plan will be. Phasing of sites provides some flexibility in this regard and the plan incorporates phasing in its proposals for South Shirebrook and for Wincobank Farm, South Normanton. There can be no guarantee that the sites identified in the local plan will be developed, and it will be the developers' prerogative to select and implement the more attractive sites in terms of location and financial evaluation.

10.9 Only after a reasonable period of operation will it be possible to properly assess the effectiveness of the local plan's proposals and policies. This period may be after two or three years of the local plan being in force.

10.10 The district council's main monitoring effort will be directed at recording the take-up of housing and industrial land with planning permission. These land availability figures can be compared with local plan assumptions to assess the rate of implementation.

10.11 If monitoring identifies problem areas (or, indeed, new opportunities) these can be considered as part of a review of the local plan, with a view to different allocations being made and the local plan revised


10.12 The local plan will be used to guide development in the area up to the year 2005. In line with government advice the council will undertake to regularly review the plan, depending upon local circumstances. Work on the first such review will begin as soon as the local plan is adopted, with a view to incorporating further aspects of the emerging Derby and Derbyshire Joint Structure Plan (which had its Examination in Public in February 1999).

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