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1.1 This plan has been prepared under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991. The plan is made up of a Written Statement and a Proposals Map with various enlarged 'Insets'. The plan covers the whole of the District of Bolsover.


1.2 The policies and proposals of the plan are shown in 'BOLD CAPITALS', each with its own reference number. The proposals map and inset maps show the areas to which these policies and proposals apply, with the policy reference numbers shown on the key.

1.3 When this plan mentions a series of places or sites in Bolsover District they have been organised to run in order from south to north (Pinxton before Pleasley before Barlborough etc.). This convention is for ease of reference and does not express priority.

1.4 If you are interested in a particular place or a particular subject you should look at the index. The index lists which parts of the local plan are relevant for each subject and for main places within the district, and can save you having to go through the whole plan if you are in a hurry.

1.5 Some technical words and phrases are explained in the section at the end called Glossary of Terms Used in this Local Plan.


1.6 The Planning and Compensation Act 1991 makes the development plan for each area of prime importance when planning permissions are being determined. Unless material considerations indicate otherwise, decisions on applications for planning permission must accord with the development plan.

1.7 The development plan sets out the local planning authority's policies and proposals for the development and use of land in their area. The development plan for Bolsover is to be made up of the Derbyshire Structure Plan together with the Bolsover District Local Plan and two extra plans which are being prepared jointly by Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council: the Derby and Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan and the Derby and Derbyshire Waste Disposal Local Plan.

1.8 The current Derbyshire Structure Plan was approved by the Secretary of State for the Environment in April, 1990 and sets out the key strategic policies as a framework for local planning. Local plans have to conform generally with the structure plan, but once they are adopted their policies prevail over those of the structure plan, unless subsequent changes to the Structure Plan render the local plan out of conformity. A new Derby and Derbyshire Joint Structure Plan, covering the period to 2011, was published and placed on deposit in April 1998 and an Examination in Public was held in February 1999. Once approved, the joint structure plan will replace the Derbyshire Structure Plan (1990).

1.9 The local plan sets out the detailed policies and specific proposals for the development and use of land and will guide most day to day planning decisions.

The functions of local plans are:

1) To relate the proposals and policies of the Structure Plan to precise
areas of land.
2) To provide a detailed basis for the control of development.
3) To direct both public and private development and other use of land.
4) To bring local planning issues before the public.

1.10 The Bolsover District Local Plan supersedes four earlier local plans. These are the Shirebrook Centre Local Plan (1982 with Alteration No. 1, 1989), the North East Derbyshire Green Belt Local Plan (1986), the Northern Parishes Local Plan (1990) and the Old Bolsover-Hillstown Local Plan (1993).


1.11 The Bolsover District Local Plan covers a ten-year period and will be reviewed in mid-term or sooner if necessary to comply with the Structure Plan review. The plan covers the period March 1995 to March 2005 referring to information from the 1991 census of population (when the population of the district council's area was 70,437) and the 1995 census of employment. The base date for land availability is 31/03/98.


1.12 The public and other interested groups and organisations have been involved throughout the preparation of this local plan. In particular participation was encouraged when the plan was published for pre-deposit consultation (10th April 1996 to 30th November 1996) and when it was placed on deposit (12th December 1997 to 30th January 1998). Everyone who submitted representations of support or objection at this stage had the right to have these representations considered by an Independent Planning Inspector at the Public Local Inquiry held in September and October 1998. After considering the Inspector's Report and recommendations, the council published a series of Proposed Modifications (July 1999) and Corrected Proposed Modifications (November 1999) to the local plan, about which further public comment was invited. The local plan was formally adopted on February 23rd 2000.


1.13 For more information contact Bolsover District Council on 01246-240000 asking for the Policy and Implementation Section.

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